Fantasy RP/SG idea - Would anyone be interested?

From reading the title above, I am thinking of creating a fantasy RP/SG set in a world essentially split into two factions - science, and magic. Players will get to choose what side of the world they live on and how their lives will be based on that.

I want to also see how many people are interested and would be willing to join if this ever happens.

The Story So Far…
In the beginning, some generic war long ago split the world into two, and people separated based on their ideas whether that was pro-science or pro-magic. Now, each faction is led by a powerful leader that wishes to destroy the other side.
Both leaders believe what they are doing is right; They both care for their people.
The main goal of this RP/SG will be to unite the realms.

The SG portion will be me writing what each leader is thinking and what they plan to do, how common people are reacting to the ongoing war, fight scenes, and occasionally reporting the news of the current war to move the story forward.

The RP part is there because I also want people to choose what they want to do in the free time between events and to spend time developing relationships and alliances.

Additional Info

The Leaders

Nova Everlight - Magic Faction Leader
Nova was chosen to lead because of her aptitude for wielding magic and her kindness toward others.
She basically is the magic faction’s mom ; )

Damien Wintermoon - Science Faction Leader
Damien was chosen to lead the science faction for his intellegence and the respect he commands.
He can be really harsh, but he always pushes people to be their very best self.

(I know there isn’t much written about the leaders yet. I have a few ideas in mind for more fleshed out versions of their personalities, but I’m also interested in what you guys have to say. I really don’t want these guys to feel like a cliché, so feel free to leave comments ~)

Format and Background

This section basically describes the setting for where the players will interact. (Obviously, players who choose to be in the different factions won’t be interacting with each other.) I was thinking of setting this in the capital city of each faction. All the players start out as new recruits to join the academy to hone their skill whether it is learning spells or building gadgets.

Although there is an academy here, I don’t want all of the RP/SG to take place there. Students can meet and learn there, but side quests and other interactions can also happen in the village that is the capital city.

(I know that having a school setting for an RP is really popular and I don’t quite want to copy that, but I also need a way for players to train for the war. Does anyone have any suggestion?)

Scoring/ Tests (Basically a point system)

Here is what may make this RP/SG a little more complicated. Since this (so far) seems like a fairly big RP/SG compared to some I have been in, I want players in this to be more active. To make sure that happens, I want to create a point system where players can earn points based on how often they post and how well they have been paying attention.

So far, I was thinking that I could post polls every once in a while to act as a test. Players have a certain amount of days to select what they think is the right answer. After a few days, I will post a list of which players got the correct answers or not and a separate post updating the scores each player has. Players with more points rank up in this world and unlock more benefits (such as unlocking new spells or equipment, working with me in PM’s to decide the next events and so on).

Players who are frequent posters (as long as it isn’t spam) also earn points for staying active.

This whole section is really experimental, so let me know what you think of this scoring system and if I should keep it or not. All comments are appreciated ~


Now come the fun part (evil laughter in the background) ~
Because of the point system, I want the person with the most points to be the one to unite the two worlds in the end.

I was thinking that every month or so, a few people from the bottom of the rankings will be eliminated (kicked out of the academy or killed in battle). If not, they can still spectate and interact, but not be part of any further missions.

(Should I do an elimination? Maybe there is a chance that more than one player will have the highest rankings and in that case, I can make it so that both of them are the ones to unite the worlds, or have an epic death brawl :wink: )

Random Questions I have ; )

First of all, if you read all of that above, thanks, it really means a lot to me :grin:
This section is basically where I throw out my (terrible) ideas and see if that’s what people want.

  • Should I make a separate thread for the magic and the science groups?
  • When time period should the setting mimic? (a future city, medieval villages, or different settings for each faction…)
  • Does anyone have a good name for this?

More to be added…

Any other comments or suggestions are totally welcomed!!! I want to make this as best as possible, so speak out if you notice anything ~


hi! i’m interested in this. it sounds like a really complex rp and it can be seen that you worked hard on this. i can’t guarantee 100% that i’ll participate (i’ll be totally open about this: my anxiety is wildin so it kinda stops me) but count me as interested!


i like the idea for leaders’ personality. it looks like they value different things and have different goals, so that contrast may be one of the reasons why war exists.

Format and Background

maybe it doesn’t have to be academy. it could be a program made for younger people to learn and train. they don’t have to take it, but ones who don’t participate in that program have smaller roles in the war.


i like this idea, too. players will have to pay attention and be active to gain points. players with more points are more powerful, so that could create some conflicts in the rp. for example, one character can act better than others and someone wants to stop them doing that.


elimination is nice way of removing inactive players. i just hope i won’t be kicked out lmao

Random Questions

• i would keep it on the same thread. if there are two threads, where would the final battle happen? both sides are involved so… it’s just easier for me like that :))
• maybe the science side can be futuristic, and magic side can be medieval.
• lmao i don’t have any ideas rn, but i’ll notify you if i get one.

i also suggest posting this on New Ideas Thread xo


It sounds amazing and if live to help out if you need to.


@classycherries and @AnimeOtome
Thanks so much for the suggestions!
About the new ideas thread -somehow I didn’t know that existed, but I will take your advice ~

That actually gives me some ideas~ There could be points that correlate with the time spent in classes, and players can unlock more abilities by learning.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by this. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want to catch any mistakes that may happen with the point system, but I don’t really get the “one character can act better than others and someone wants to stop them from doing that.” Do you mean like in the context of a fight, one player with more points will try to harm another weaker player?

No probs, I’ll post the scores every once in a while and alert people at the bottom of the rankings.
On another note, I was thinking of separate quests for people in toward the bottom of the rankings so they can quickly catch up (it will probably be in a PM with them)

I was originally thinking that the final battle could be a new thread with only the top remaining players from both sides of the war.
The threads are separate for each faction because, at that time, each side would only interact with others from that same side. That way, they can plan out their next moves and reactions to certain events separate from the other side.
If that’s too complicated, then I could always just dump it into one thread.
(guess I’ll just see what people think ~)

Both factions will definitely want their own aesthetics ; )

This is kinda a big RP/SG idea, so I probably need some help along the way. Thanks for offering to help though! If you are still interested when I make the official sign-ups for this, just let me know ~

Apologies, this post is kinda long :sweat_smile:


you said that with more points players can learn new spells or gain equipment. if some character knows more spells for example, they can think other characters worth less than them and someone is against their beliefs. sorry if this is confusing, it was just an idea hehe :))


@classycherries that’s a totally valid idea.
I’ll probably need help along the way to monitor what people do with their spells and equiptment ~
I’ll also include that in the rules (something like ‘no killing people without their permission’ )

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I would love to be part of this ! I like the elimination system, particularly because you can continue playing even if you’re eliminated :slight_smile: As for the setting, I love medieval settings, but I suppose that for the science side, it might be a little complicated… how about some kind of steam punk-ish setting? I think that it could be an interesting mix of the two, but it’s just a random idea…

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@marie6867 haha thanks ~
I may do a poll later to see which setting is preferred (steampunk vs futuristic), thanks for the idea though ; )


Ok, just a few more details before I start.

There have been questions about whether I should create separate threads for the science faction and the magic faction. On one hand, it may get confusing if they are in separate threads, but if they are in different threads, it will more be organized with the players you can interact with.

If they are in separate threads, there will probably be a new thread for the final battle just for the remaining players.

…And my solution to this…poll ~

  • Separate threads for the different factions
  • Keep everything in the same thread

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@marie6867 @classycherries @AnimeOtome @SilverRose @rickyy @Xoxo_dimples @jdepisode @BrookieK @EchoRavencroft @veganwater @UltimaW @oorgeloop @epsd_riaa


I think that we can do one thread and use a color code, for example, people from the science faction write their character’s name in blue and magic faction in red (or something similar) ?


Actually, that’s a great idea. I know some people like to color their names or don’t know how to color, so it can be more of a heading under their name indicating what faction they belong to.


Sure ! I actually don’t know how to add colours myself but I thought someone could explain it :joy_cat::joy_cat:

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Yeah…so, everything will be one one thread… awkwardly walks away
I just have a few more docs with information regarding the ranking system before I start the sign ups (so just hang in there) ~


All right -
So I just finished the sign up forms, smoothed out the ranking system, and created guides and locations.
All I have left is the presentations and the actual RP post ~
I would say that this will be done in about three days on Wednesday
Looking forward to seeing all of you ~


Is this going to start anytime soon? Still on the lookout for it! :wink:

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Sorry for the wait. I think I sent you the earlier version?
Either way, I’m still wondering if people are interested in a point system RP.
Most popular RP’s here are high school or college love stories, reality TV shows or some type of murder mystery.
IDK if people like fantasy/ sci fi

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Hmm…did you? :thinking::thinking:

I think it will be a glorious change of pace, it’ be a unique thing to try. And I think many people will be interested. Just post it on the New Ideas Thread if ou already hasn’t, check your polls after a few days to see the interest.

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I posted on the new ideas thread a month ago. I think roughly 6 people said that they were interested.

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Check it again lol.

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6 you said? More like 12

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