Fantasy stories? New story? R4r? All here!

Hey guys, in this thread please post down below the link to you or a friends story! Here you can do a read for read with me. This is not JUST for fantasy stories. Adventure, romance, drama, thrillers, and any other genre is encouraged by me.
Speaking of which I have a new story I created. I am having trouble with making it because I am in the process of an exciting story. So if you could give my story some love it would be grateful appreciated. I will also need help with my story. If you love to write fantasy/drama/romance stories my story if for you. If you are also interested in helping me write this contact me privately. I just ask that you have some experience with Episode and you can make overlays, new backgrounds, and advanced zooms. I would be more than happy to show tips and I will definitely assist.
Thanks again :blue_heart: (my stories below)

My Royal Beginning

Bio: Its a normal high school year, that is until you get the biggest surprise of your life changing it forever. How will you rule your kingdom? *CC *LL


I’d love to do r4r with you :heart:
Title Equals
Author: Laurales
Description: It’s about a place where everyone is perfect and without feelings or emotions. When someone starts to feel something, they will be send to a hell of a prison or they will die.
Will they change their way to live?
Genre: Drama, sci-fi, romance.
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 7 (more episodes will be coming soon)

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Thank you this looks so cool!

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So this is my first story i would be glad if u can give it a try i am currently available for some rfrs Thank you.
Author: Madhu
Story Title: Black hearts golden desires
Genre: Fanatsy
Description: Nand, a sorcerer princess of solataria, has two beautiful loving sisters, her other two halves.But what happens when it becomes the vice versa and an old enemy from their past comes back for revenge? Will Nand overcome it? or will she fail??
Chapter: 6 (more coming up soon) (Currently being revamped, so i think it would be best, if you could just msg me before reading my story so I could say the status of my story.


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I would be more than happy to!

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thank you u can send me your review or feedback about my story in Pm in forum if u wish

I’ll be sure to try your story, Thanks for the thread :slight_smile:
Title - Tainted Souls.
Genre - Fantasy
Style - INK
Description - Despised by everybody around her, Ella just doesn’t feel good enough. Be careful what you wish for…You never know WHO or WHAT could be listening… CC
Episodes - REVAMPED 1-9 (On Going)
Story Link -
Insta - Shewrites.episode

Also my other story!
Title - Hidden Behind Lies!
Genre - Action/Drama
Style - Ink
Description - Faces from the past return, Forgotten memories remembered, What happens when you find out you have a empire waiting for you? Will it make you weak? Let’s hope not!
Episodes - 23 (On going)
Link -