Fantasy stories that you'd recommend?

aloha! so I’m a big fan of the supernatural, however, I’m also a fan of comedy in fantasy stories, which many of the fantasy stories I read lack. take life is a witch for example - if you know anything similar to that, please say so below!


Rise of Uthutia
Estria: Two Worlds collide both are by @Reenababee

Eternal Oblivion by @SilverLady

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thank you! I’ll check them out now

Catching coal

i’ll check it out now, thanks!

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Welcome to the Amazon Forest by @XxAlphaBetaxX :black_heart:


thanks! i’ll check it out now

College of Eternity

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The episodes are like 40 minutes long and it is the best story i have ever read!

Thank you, love~ :purple_heart::black_heart::green_heart:

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College of eternity by @sophookles
Cursed evil love by @sophookles
Life Like by @cindyg
My alien lover by @Anyanka
Crimson Red by @NewEpisodeFanatic
Mind reader by @Alusza
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K&T Icebound by @Pip
A Prince’s Curse by @lanafrazer_episode (self promoting)
His Prey by @Syd_Ren
K&T Different Worlds by @MissTerryWriter
The Royal Throne by @Clove06
Grimoire by @Raven_Stark
Necromancers by @Madhu


Eat Me Up and Bite My Tongue. They are both vampire stories :slight_smile:

And something wicked is amazing too!

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I know it sound like selfpmo…well because it is. :smiley:

But I can really recomand you my story Secret of the Necklace
It is a fantasy with a comedy element - fans write my they laugh a lot at the story.
also it keeps up constantly among top 100 fantasy stories with over 55 000 reads now so I guess it is worth trying)

Aww… thanks for the recommendation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Other stories I haven’t seen mentioned that I’d recommend are:

The Draken Stone by @janebelrose
Deadly Secrets: Fangs of Love by @TamiRose
The Mermaid by @PaulaSG
Mysteria by @KlutzEKat
Ophetine and the 5 Tasks by @EpisodeHoneyy


You are so sweet. Thank you :sob::purple_heart:

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tysm for recommending me lana!

I just came across a GREAT fantasy story a while ago which deserves SO MANY MORE reads by @episode.mely called “A Place I Don’t Know”. Absolutely worth your while, trust me.

Go give it a read sis! :relaxed: :relaxed: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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