Fantasy stories with maaaaagic ✨

Hi again,
I was just wondering if y’all have any suggestions for stories that have magic in it. It’s really my type of genre right now, also I would prefer for it to be full cc and little to no romance it’s okay to not be full cc but I’m not a romantic type of person…
Also, please feel free to self promote your own stories I’m totally fine with it :yellow_heart::sparkles: !!

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‘White nights’ by @diamymeow

An adopted girl, Stella, is carefree until two princes from another world come to her – one seeking her hand in marriage, the other seeking revenge.

Jiselle loves her grandmother’s tails of neverland. she wishes to see the place. and of course, that wish comes true

Draken Stone by @janebelrose

Somehow thrown into a magic world. slowly falling in ruins. and the only to save it is the missing Draken stone

Fantastical Criminals’ By Saga Instalment

In years you have held captive by the evil king. but with help from the rebellion, you will take down his evil regime

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Here is my story :slight_smile:
I hope that you will like it :smiley:

Author : Maggy

Genre : Romance/Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 8 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : Jiselle loves her grandmother’s intriguing fantasy story about a world called ‘Neverland’ that she wishes to discover. Will her wish comes true? Find out!

Link :

Greetings! Judging from your criteria you may enjoy my story. Here’s the info if you’re interested.

Title: Eternal Oblivion
Author: Silver Lady
Genre: Fantasy primarily with some mystery, action, drama, romance, and just a hint of historical fiction thrown in from time to time (more so in later chapters).
Style: Limelight
Number of Episodes: Eight currently, more on the way.
CC: Kinda. You can’t customize the main three characters (for story reasons), but there is a character for you to customize starting with chapter five. You won’t see much of her to start, but she becomes more important later in the plot.
Description: Something ancient plots unseen in the darkness, and Amara must quickly uncover the mystery surrounding it. Otherwise, all will be lost.

Hi! Here is my story! (it can have romance if you want it to, depends on your choices)

Title: The Mermaid
Description: Naia, eager to de-throne her vicious mother and start making changes in mermaid law, must find and bring back the mermaid tear, which is lost in the human world

Thanks for the thread. Limited CC with little romance! :grin: I hope you like it. :heart:
Story Name: SOLO
Author: Bithi
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3
Description: When mysterious powers and an undeniable tragedy clash with destiny, will June be able to change the orbit of her fate?
Story Link:
Others: Limited CC. timed and premium choices matter.
Story Cover:

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Thanks for starting this thread! My story is fantasy with magic! :slight_smile:

Title: Dark Essence
Genre: fantasy/romance
Style: Limelight
Description: Kadi & Dani have always kept their true selves hidden.But what happens when they discover the truth about their Dark Essence.Will the secrets hidden beneath the lies destroy them? (Point system that will lead to two endings and Limited CC)
Instagram: @tldaxwrites



Plot: Big city girl thinks she has life all figured out. But what happens when dark family secrets, bring forth truths that will open her eyes to a whole new realm.

Title: Love from another Realm


Chapters: 3 (more coming soon.)

Genre: Comedy/ Fantasy/ Drama/ Romance/ Adventure (a little bit of everything :wink: )

Limelight, MC, 1LI, CC

Omg the cover is so BEAUTIFUL!! :heart_eyes::see_no_evil::star_struck: who did it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Subverted by Epithet would perfectly fit your description

College of eternity by @sophookles (choices matter with character customisation ) :slight_smile:
Eternal Oblivion by @SilverLady (No character customisation) but à lot of magic :slight_smile:

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thank you sm for recommending my story! <3


Thanks for recommending mine as well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Though I will mention that there is a character for you to customize starting with chapter 5. She’s not around much to start, but becomes important later in the plot. :wink:

Sorry for the late reply.
nopaks.artist created my cover

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No problem :blue_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s really beautiful :heart:

You can try my story Tribe of Malapinchi.

It touches on Black Magic though and has dark themes all for educational purposes hhaha. So it’s not really overlay Episode kind of magic where you shoot light overlays or something out of your hands hahaha

Hi there!

Thank you for starting this awesome thread about fantasy and magic! My new story involves both fantasy and magic plus a perfect mix of sci-fi, drama, and romance :grin::heart: The link and covers are below if you’re interested:


I love your covers

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hello :two_hearts::wave:
Anyone interested ? :blush:

I published my story hope you like it!
Title : My Strange Magical Dream
Genre : Fantasy
Style : LL
Chapters : 3 and more coming
Description : Every night, you have this strange yet magical dream with this mysterious person that appears in it. Would you be able to find out who was the person and the meaning of your dream?

My Instagram : Anasfa.EpisodeStory
Storylink :