Fantasy stories

I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for fantasy stories I should read? I’m already reading From The Other Side Series and The Eternity Series but I need more to read. I need inspiration to write my Fantastical story entry as I’m running out of ideas. If you want to know what my story is about and want to help me think of ideas, please let me know…
Thank you in advance!

The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W. or @wincyyellow in the forums.


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Dripping Mascara
Cafe Paradox
The Ember Effect
The Ruby Tiara
The Phoenix Prophecy
The Secret Of Rain

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:two_hearts:Hello Lovelies​:two_hearts:
Checkout my story .Link below :point_down:
Story : The Chocolate Fairyland
Description : A girl has lovable grandparents but few bad people are with her. There is a place where she can escape but will she discover it? How will be the life there?

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