Fantasy story help


Hey I was just wondering if anyone who writes fantasy stories what the best style to use is?


All of the stories that I write are fantasy/Adventure. I personally think that Ink is that best style because there is so much you can do with it. Even though LL is new and the Episode creators are coming up with new LL features, I think they walk and talk weirdly that’s not very… human.
So if you write a fantasy story, I would choose the ink style. But this is your story and you can do whatever you want with it!


Thank you that was very helpful just wasn’t 100% sure which style has the better costumes for it


Ink is definitely better for fantasy
I’m currently writing a story that is slightly fantasy in LL and it’s been a struggle!


Oh gosh has anyone got any names For my characters


What kind of characters are they? (Monsters, Fairies, human, etc.)


I would LOVE to help out with any writing or ideas if possible but anything u need I got u :wink:


@Turtle_Cat If I’m being totally honest I don’t know :joy: I was hoping with some help with that please


Thank you


No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve always got so many story title ideas that I have to write them down But need help with plots etc


Ok well what’s the title then we can build the story line around it


The wishing well: Heaven or Hell


Ok so I think it should be fairies


I did find some images on Pinterest that I really liked and would like to build a character around


Cool can I see it




LL or ink

I have i ideas for both