Fantasy Story Places Avalible This Is The New Page For The Last Post So Pls Comment Agian So i Know

This is Limelight U can request places that aren’t on here but here are the places going And what Mythic Creatre You are here are ome exsample U CAN ASK TO Be A ANOTHER CREATERE THAT ISNT ON HERE u must put the discretion and name of the charicter and what u want him/she to b
Werewolf Wolf1 wolfs
Fairy Exsample Fairy
Godess exsample%202 exsample%203
Demi God female
Witch 1 5 ![2|232x217] 1
Angel images2K29X3XS
Deamon / angel / dark angeldark%20angel%202 dark%20angel1
Request here:

Places Avalible
Best friend (boy) @Ayu
Mayers Daugher @Jessica.C
Shy Girl
Sun goddess @LushLove
Moon Godess @Ayu
Dragon Keeper
Dragon Trainer
Girl) best friend
Friend who betrays for thebullys so Bully 2
Fairy Queen @fluffyrice
Fairy Princess @AnonymousAuthor1

More coming sooon

Rember to say your charicter details and hat u want them to b unless its says in the role