Fantasy Story Reads

Hi there!
Your story sounds really mysterious!

I recently (today) republished a story I’d written many years ago in a new and improved state. Here’s the details:

Title: Luminesce
Genre(s): Fantasy, adventure, drama
Episode chapters: 8 (will be completed with 10)
Style: Ink
Link: Luminesce on Episode
Description: Against all odds (and rules), Nimue embarks on a journey across the galaxy to be with her soulmate. Will she ever find her way to him?

Story Covers

These wonderful covers were made by @/agatha_draws on instagram.

If you’re not sure this story is for you, I’ll be posting some old reviews (fanmail and other feedback) on this thread:Luminesce - a fantasy adventure between the stars✨, so that might give you a better impression of the story :wink: Feel free to comment your feedback there as well.

You can follow me on Instagram: @writer.trishagold for updates and more.

Happy reading! :kissing_heart: