Fantasy Writing Partner?

Hello there!:grin: I am in need of a writing partner! Recently I created a story, My Royal Beginning. I love this story and I don’t want to abandoned it. I love the characters and the plot. It’s in Limelight and has custom characters. I would be looking for a writing partner that can use advanced choices, create backgrounds, and uses overlays. I wish to include these things in my story but I am currently writing another story! If you are at the slightest bit interested or has a friend who is interested either tag them or contact me directly! If you have any other questions just ask! Thanks again! -L

I can help on Tuesday

Great! Thx so much. Just contact me on Tuesday!

Ok I will

You can help me with my story on that day too

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After I’m done with my day program and getting my nails done then I’ll do my story and then I can help you actually Thursday I can because my tablet needs to be charged

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What specifically do you want help on? Because I originally was looking for like a full time partner. But that’s fine if you don’t want to. Right now I think it would be greatly appreciated if you wouldn’t mind reading my story and giving me as much feedback as you can give, then I telling you how far I have for the story plot.

I will as soon I’m done doing R4r I need help on advance directing and coding

Perfect! I can definitely help

Ok cool on Thursday we can start


Yup You can do the first episode while I work on the second episode

Tomorrow after the day program you can start helping me with my story

It’s a cool story

Hello! I would love to possibly be of help. Is there any way you could message me with the basic details regarding the story, just to make sure that it’s something where I can be helpful to you. I’ve been writing my own fantasy story, so maybe helping you will help me get over my current writer’s block haha. Anyway, hope we can work together!