FAQ for Episode's Recently Updated Guidelines

Hey Episodians!

As the effective date we set for the revised content guidelines (October 10th) grows near, we know many of you have some questions, not only about the revised guidelines, but what’s going to happen to your stories. We wanted to address some frequently asked questions and clarify what will happen to your stories on October 10th.

On October 10th, if your story has not passed a review, it will not appear in trending sections or on shelves. As more stories are reviewed and pass, they will appear. Your stories will still be available on the app through your profile and in search.

If you’ve already submitted your story for review, and haven’t heard from our review team yet, hold tight! They’re currently working through your stories and will reach out if there are any changes to make.

Here are some other frequently asked questions! (As a reminder, you can find the revised content guidelines here.)

Story Cover FAQs:

Can characters appear in swimsuits on story covers?
Characters can appear wearing swimsuits on story covers provided the guidelines are followed (for example, there can be no implication that characters are having, have had, or are about to have sex).

Can weapons (other than guns) appear on story covers?
Guns cannot appear on story covers at all. However, if they’re not being used in a violent act, swords, knives, and other non-gun weapons may appear on story covers.

Can characters kiss on story covers?
Yes, provided that the overall context of the image is in line with guidelines.

Can characters appear in sexual situations on covers?
There should not be the implication that characters on your story covers have just had, are currently having or are about to have sex.

Do art scenes, overlays, and backgrounds go by the same rules story covers?
No, the story cover rules are for story covers only. Art scenes, overlays, and backgrounds abide by the same rules as story content.

Story Content FAQs:

How should I censor profanity?
Profanity can be censored via replacing letters with symbols (like the *), the omission of letters, or word substitutions. Abbreviations are also okay (ex: AF, wtf).

What profanities can appear uncensored?
These are some of the mild profanities that may appear uncensored:

  • Bastard
  • Crap
  • Damn
  • Douche
  • Hell
  • Skank

Can my stories still feature violence and guns?
Your stories can include these themes, what is restricted is the amount of detail you can describe or show.

Can my story have characters under 16, like in a flashback?
Yes! While characters under 16 can’t be the focus of a story cover, they can be in your story.

Can my story still feature characters in consensual sexual relationships?
Yes, but there should not be any on-screen portrayal of or description of sexual acts.

If you have questions about the revised guidelines, content in your story, or your story cards please reach out to our review team at our Support Desk.

With Love,

The Episode Team


If anyone will do this in their stories I swear I’ll-

Seriously…You’re writing a story, not texting your friend.


thansk for the cler up. I kinda already had understand what we can and can not do but I am sure many others are happy for it

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Okay, but if guns cannot appear on story covers, why are there gun props and animations to use in stories at all? Where is the logic in this?


Thank you for answering our questions! :slight_smile: :heart:

Any chance that you’ll be willing to share with us the reason why guns are not allowed on story covers anymore? Just wondering what the difference between guns and other cold/hot weapons is :heart:


@Liz how can we tell if the review team has seen our stories or not? A lot of us have been wondering if getting the closing email from them means we’re in the clear or not yet? Is there anyway of being able to tell if our stories are safe and can stay on the app?


Because they can still be used in the story?


Aw, cr*p.




So I need to put my story under review?


thank you for answering our questions :two_hearts:

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I get that, but say if seeing a gun is triggering on the story’s cover, it will be just as triggering seeing it in the story. It makes no sense.


Good enough for me :relieved:


Just wondering, can’t this apply to guns as well? Technically, a knife could drop on your feet and cut you meanwhile, a gun would mostly be safety locked. For example, the officer outfits in the portal seem safe, so if the gun was strapped, or not pointed, why can’t it be as safe as a knife? :thinking:



Thank you for asking these questions and clearing things up!


But for real tho, what’s the point of censoring curse words? It’s still the same word. Little kids are still gonna read fck as fuck, sht as shit, etc.


Not that I had to bleep bastards and douches when my review came <3


I was just about to post this. What’s the difference between f*ck and fuck? Nothing. KiDs will still know it’s a swear word. They’re not stupid nor innocent lol.


So glad @amberose convinced me to put my stories in for review :sweat_smile:


Same! We love a sensible Queen. :smirk: