FAQ: Story Copyrights

I’ve been curious about this and I know that you can’t recreate the look of a celebrity or tv shows, or mention any companies, but I’m just wondering if you can talk about these.

  • Would it be okay to talk about tv shows? For instance, a character asks their friend what tv show they’re watching and they mention a popular tv series such as The Vampire Diaries or Grey’s Anatomy, etc.
  • Or are you allowed to talk about celebrities? Like, just mention a celebrity in a conversation.
  • What about articles like New York Times or Vogue?

fine to mention, like I love Taylor swift. but you can’t have a character go to a concert with her.

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I think you can mention celebrity names but not use or have them as characters. I would suggest just creating a fake but similiar name if you wish to have companies or celebs or shows etc :hugs: