Farewell to our favorite moderator, Ryan 😢


It’s been a full week since @Ryan was last active here on the forums. His moderator badge is no longer next to his name! And now there’s a new moderator… Does this mean @Ryan has left the forums?! Has he been replaced?! :anguished:

It’s been a good run with you @Ryan! You will forever be our favorite moderator!

OFFICIAL THREAD : @Ryan's Funeral
Covers offer: Want Art covers for your story? (Votes)

#find my homie ryan


No, has he really left? :hushed: :anguished:


really? we will miss you @Ryan



Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu @Sydney_H what did you do to Ryan D:


Noooooooo Ryan where u at


What if Camelost is actually Ryan?
*conspiracy theory *




I miss @Ryan
I hope everything is okay :revolving_hearts:


I was wondering too! :thinking:



what happened to my fam Ryan :sob::sob::sob:


:fist:t3::fist:t3::fist:t3::blue_heart: @Ryan



Wait really? @Ryan where are you?


Is @Ryan gone? No!


We will avenge you! Who wants to start a conspiracy theory?!



@Ryan is now an Episode Community Member.


Can someone tell us where is @Ryan?


@Ryan is no longer on the forums??
Has he left?


The amount of times @Ryan has edited my posts for them being wrong, I hope he hasn’t left!