Farm animal overlays?

Hi everyone, I am planning a story set on a farm and for that I need a range of animal overlays. Please could you guys help me? I need;

  1. Cows (Preferably Holstein as I have found one or two of those that I like).
  2. Goats,
  3. Horses,
  4. Chickens, and
  5. Pigs

And I also would like them to not be too cartoonisitic, meaning I’d prefer it if they looked as real as possible. I will also need them in a range of scenarios i.e. grazing and facing different ways and such.

So if you can help me , that would be so much help, thank you :slight_smile: xx

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I’ve got a few Chickens for you!

Uploading: image.png…


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Thank you so much :slight_smile: xx