Fashion advice needed

Hi there! When it comes to clothes and what to wear I have the worse advice on it. most of the time I rely on my sister and dad who have a much better understanding on fashion. I’m now making an episode story, my first time too, and I need some advice on what to wear. I just need a lot of styles for a casual summer theme…

It would be even better if you could show the image and tell me the clothes names along. That way I don’t have to go through the rigorous searching

I’m using limelight by the way and you will be credited of course. I hate when people don’t appreciate the work people do behind the scenes



I’d love to do it :joy: How many outfits would you like?

Ahh so I guess it’s already solved. And just in case you need any splashes, covers etc, now or later you can always come to this shop

the more the merrier! Sorry for the inconvenience…

oh no no no… Please. The more designs and styles the better. There’s a lot of character’s in the story that I need to dress up

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Ok then I’ll send the outfits when I am free :blush:

Thank you so much!

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Here are some sample outfits, if anything you can pm me if you want more outfits, (like for a specific event, or for a specific type of character (like their personality type), etc.)

Male Characters:

Female Characters:

Thanks so much!

Ofc :grin: I’m glad I can help

Those outfits are gorgeous!!


Hii for the summer you can use the swimwear as outfit and you can also try some sexy undies for them. Some cool shorts and dresses also work.

What with her own flair? Just like “wear this” or “look me.” “Suggestions” appear more like “what I wear for a work interview,” “what good coat can I find,” “what dress on the rectangular body flatters …,” etc. I conclude that (1) if a person has an item selected but wants assistance styling it will have distinct flairs and (2) if someone already has an outfit put together, and wishes to better it. I don’t have a mod history, so it is definitely easier to nest them in recommendations than to make their own flavors. Suggestions could doubtless be made in this sub so I’m not crazy as a category about it.

Check out on IG she has some summer outfits!

For casual summer theme you should go for some nice off shoulder top or unique t-shirt you can pair it up with shorts or leggings or jeans would be a good option. But you should add some fashion jewellery it may be <a href=">necklaces, pendants, rings or watches whatever you like, I always prefer jewellery because it elevates your outfit and make you personality eye catchy. But remember have some minimalistic type or simple and unique one because heavy ones are too old fashioned.