Fashion Advice (What is Muslim appropriate?)

I am from Bangladesh and also a Muslim. I am saying this from my personal experience. It depends on what you want to be. I don’t wear hijab. I am not proud, just saying. :sweat_smile:

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Muslim women in my country don’t wear long skirts, and not all wear hijab. And when they do, they wear the beautiful ones.

Like this:

Even if the hijab isn’t colourful, it’s beautiful and and it’s wrapped beautiful, so it represent beauty.

They wear pants, but they have button upped shirts - breasts nor neck are revealed. They also wear makeup and colourful nails, though that’s against the religion, it’s common thing for mostly all who are wrapped. So to say again, they don’t wear long skirts! At least not younger women. Old women rarely wear a skirt, they wear special pants, also their headwrap is not colourful as at younger female.

This is an example of our older Muslim females:

And here’s a full example of a young girl from my country:
Her hijab isn’t wrapped beautiful, sadly I can not post family photos to show the real examples. These photos are from internet.

The white one, similar as this one (just differently wrapped) in this example, they wear only while cooking and baking:

But Muslim girls in my country don’t wear hijab to school or anywhere, only if they’re attending a Muslim high school. Not that they’re not allowed to wear hijab, they just don’t wear it.

Nowadays Muslim girls are not much different than Catholic girls. They wear short skirts and their shirts reveal neck and breasts part. They also drink alcohol.

So I guess it’s all up to you what you want your character to be. Not all people are same, even if they prey the same way.

At the end I will bold this statement:
The outfit, the food or the drink isn’t what makes one person a Muslim!


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Is this a hidden item because I don’t see it in the accessories dropdown…:thinking:

Hijab Cotton Grey Dark

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Thank you so much for your detailed comment and advice. I’m also aware that being Muslim is a religion and I agree with people being different no matter where they come from.

I wanted to make sure that I at least spoke with someone who is actually Muslim before I made a final decision. This particular outfit is for a brief HS scene were they have really strick dress code and minorities aren’t much of a thing at the school. The only time a student is allowed to deviate from the rules is for a sport i.e.: football (both kinds), and cheerleading. The fit isn’t particularly a favorite of any characters. :sweat_smile:

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I have been summoned

I agree with @CoraMae regarding what Muslim girls do doesn’t make a religion. However, if your purpose is to portray a devoted Muslim woman, you have to pay really close attention to what she wears. Generally the rules are:

  • Everything is covered except the face and hands, hence the hijab.
  • If she is very devoted and religious, she will prefer to wear clothes that cover the shape of her body (maxi skirts, long dresses). Absolutely nothing sheer or transparent.
  • Any non-symbolic accessory is okay.

It’s also important to note that in Islam, it’s not allowed to consume alcohol, pork, and have sex before marriage. But either way, I’m happy that you include Muslim women into your story! :heart_eyes:


Like a lot of people already said just because a woman is Muslim does not mean she is religious. But if you are trying to portray a devoted Muslim woman you need to stick to these rules

  • Women need to be covered from head to toe; they are not allowed to show off skin and hair, so a type of headscarf or hijab is needed
  • Clothing needs to be loose and hide the shape of her body, so no skinny jeans, transparent/mesh/sheer clothing, and no shorts or short skirts
  • Muslim women can have pierced ears and noses
  • Muslim women can have tans, dye their hair and wear colored contacts as long as these are no permanent
  • Muslims can have braces and surgeries like rhinoplasty as long as it is done for medical reasons
  • Muslim women get henna/mehndi (a temporary, plant-based type tattoo) for special occasions and holidays. Like weddings and Eid (the ending of feasting called Ramadan)

This is a helpful thread that can help you!


Something that doesn’t show hair, knees, arms, and legs


Well that’s a question that maybe doesn’t belong here :smiley: My answer to you would be: Zhasmin’s statement was correct. :heart:

Again about my country: 3 religions live here. Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox. All together, all 3, we’re one ethnicity.


Just adding to what has already been shared here. My Muslim friends all dress and wear their hijab quite different. One is more conservative and covers legs with a long skirt/dress, leggings and shirt with long sleeves. She also wears neutral colors. Another wears a more loosely fitted hijab and dresses quite colorful, she always covers her legs and shoulders (mostly the rest of her arms too), but she wears jeans and skinny jeans too.

I also don’t think you’re being obnoxious or anything. I think it is very kind of you to want to include different religions as appropriately and correctly as possible, I think that’s quite admirable!


Well firstly ik I don’t see u using fishnets or I will literally jump into a nonexistent pool-
If ur using a hijab it should kinda cover everything up or else what’s the point, you get what I mean lol? Some wear jeans with hijabs but they don’t show any legs, or their neck (if ur going for modest Muslims) and religious ones!


No need for pool-jumping. I never planned on using fishnets and I was previously informed not to use tights in general. Thanks for the input though. I’m really glad a lot of people responded to this.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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this sounds weird, but i make my muslim characters bald since they’re wearing hijabs. any other hairstyle pops out of the hijab which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing one in the first place.

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Yes it’s best to make them bald and then create a copy if you have scenes where her hair is shown like at home for example.


Thanks for the advice! The character in the photo was just ayoung MC random person. Lol. The outfit is currently a background outfit option. The story mainly takes place in the MC’s final year of uni so the purpose of this thread is/was to make sure when I do create everyday fits, it’s accurate. I’ll make sure to make them bald in the future.

Actually, you don’t need a hijab, not all Muslims are religious :purple_heart:

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