Fashion college background

Ok so The Mc is in fashion college and i really want to use this background as the Outside of the college!
pv1_back_EXT__MG_CAMPUS_QUAD___DAY But can someone help me make it more stylish like more of a fashion college That screams fashionThe one i made looks pixelated and i can barely see the words i edited in on the background building cause i have poor editing skills but Can someone make my Day and make this background better please? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


I don’t know what should be added for it to look fashionable
Just tell me what you want me to add so I will fill the background with Fashion and I’m good at editing

Hmm i don’t really know tbh what do you think?

:pleading_face: :rofl:
Honestly Idk love
If you get any idea let me know I can try executing it!

Maybe put Fashionton College on top of the bulding?

Cool sure

Okay I tried my best
If this flops you never saw me replying it


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Lmfaoo aight tysm

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