Fast behaviors?

Hi! so I was in a lot of stories that people use the shush behavior for the shocked face in the end,
like zoom on different character meanwhile the other character making the shush without seeing it.
but I saw on different stories that some authors managed to make the shush behevior instantly, without zooming on different zones or something…
someone knows how to do it?
(English is not my first language and i was too lazy use google translate during this massege haha)

You need to have a duplicate character. And place them offscren and make them do the animation. Then switch spots.


&cut to zone 2
&MIA stands screen left AND MIA faces right AND MIA is arms_crossed
&EMMA stands screen right AND EMMA faces left
&MIA2 stands screen center in zone 1 AND MIA2 is shush
@transition fade in black in 1
EMMA (talk_repulsed)
What are you wearing?
@pause for 0.5
@MIA2 stands screen left in zone 2 AND MIA2 faces right AND MIA stands screen center in zone 1

Omg thank you!!!

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