Hi @bethanyk14! My name is Swiftie Rose and I would LOVE to get a cover for my story done by you! I’ve seen your work and I think you’re super talented! Anyways, it’s okay if you don’t choose my story, but if you happen to choose mine, here are the details!

Title: It Was Always You
Author: Swiftie Rose

Images Of Main Characters:

This is Taylor!

And this is Luke!

Description of the Story: Drama, lies, and secrets. Taylor Bellemore thinks she has it all… that is, until her childhood best friend, Luke, moves back into her seemingly “perfect” life. With the many complications of his return, how will the drama unfold?

Large Cover and/or Small Cover: Both if you can :blush:

Special Requests/Additional Info: I don’t really have any “requests”, but I just want them to look cute in the cover if that’s possible :joy:

BTW the form wasn’t working which is why I’m posting on here.

Password: Pluto

Thank you so much! (PS: I don’t really mind waiting as I am in no rush! As much as I would love for you to choose my story, please don’t feel any obligation whatsoever!)

Thanks again,

Swiftie Rose :rose:


hey i was wondering if you were free to do mine?


closed, sorry!


when will u reopen


when i want 2 :relieved:


still closed but might reopen if I get time or inspiration. rn all I want to do it edit, which I post to my Instagram. just a quick poll in case anybody actually reads this:

  • Higher quality cover arts but I only accept a few requests and it takes way more time (1-2 weeks)
  • Low-quality cover arts and I accept everyone and it takes a few days

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whatever the vote outcome is, make sure to go with what you can handle, you never need to pressure yourself to do it if you don’t want to :pray: :heart: :upside_down_face:


Aw thank you! :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: