Hello! I made a cover art thread about a year ago named “Fast Cover Arts.” I worked on requests for a long time. Then, my life got really busy and I did not have enough time to write stories or make cover art! Well, now I’m back and ready to create more cover arts. After my last forum, I learned a few things, and now I need some rules.

Edit: Now I need a password for requests because many people do not read them. Sorry.


  1. Don’t request a cover art if you’re not going to use it!
  • You do not know how many times I’ve made a cover art, and people don’t use them. (You know who you are, people.)
  • I will not waste my time making a cover art if you are not going to use it.
  • I get it if you don’t like the cover art, but don’t lie to my face and say you love it, then don’t use it…
  1. Don’t request cover arts from other forums!
  • I will not do your cover art if you request from other forums. Once again, not wasting my time.
  1. Don’t be a crappy person!
  • Please understand me when I’m saying I’m doing my best.
  • I understand, my forums says “Fast Cover Arts”, but I also have a life, and fast is used in context. So my version of “fast” is way different than your version of fast. Gotcha there, so please don’t complain. Cover Arts can take an hour to 5 days, please be patient. Also, covers that include characters will take longer.
  • Once again, don’t request a cover art if you’re not gonna use it. Ahem, you know who you are who did not follow this rule,
  1. Please read this ENTIRE section, especially the section that says “In Return”.
  • You need to know the rules, and also, you need to find the password in order to have your request accepted.
  • I would really appreciate it you read my story: Gang Affiliated
  • Please check out my instagram for character edits + covers: Anniek.episode
  1. I’m not obligated to complete your request.
  • If you’re being rude to me or someone else, I will certainly not do your cover. Yes, that includes arguing back and forth, I did see that, but chose to ignore it.
  • “Yeah, you should be thankful you even got a request from her.” Do I need say more? I shouldn’t be the one on my knees, thanking people for requesting on my thread. Yes, an actual person did say this to me, which is quite astonishing and probably lowered by IQ 15 points just by reading that.
  • If I reject your request, I don’t need a reason. Reread the rules, and see which one you broke. It ain’t that hard.

Please fill out this template if you want to request a cover:
Your cover will be rejected if you don’t fill in the password.

Author (Optional):
Images of Main Characters (Optional): Please upload the character in DIGITAL form, in HIGH quality, and in the poses you want them to be in. Use a plain white background, please.
Story Description:
Published? If not, when will it be published?:
Large Cover or/and Small Cover:
When do you need it done by?:
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc):
References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional, but very helpful):
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional):
Instagram Username (Optional):

Examples of my work: (More examples if you scroll through the thread, early stuff is kind of trash tho)

In Return…

Since I am doing many of you the favor of making cover arts, I would really appreciate it if you checked out my story, Gang Affiliated.
I’m not forcing you to read my story, but I would REALLY love you if you did so. Thanks!
Password: Midnight

Also, I would love if you follow me on instagram.

My instagram:


On there, I post character edits, covers, and more. Thanks!

Looking For Cover Art
Need Episode Cover Art

Hey @bethanyk14! Just wanted to let you know that all cover art threads are now being moved to their new permanent home in the resources category of the forums. Just wanted to give you a heads up so you aren’t wondering where the thread went. Thanks!


Here is an example of my work that uses characters:


Hi Bethany!

Your art is amazing!

I would request but I have already asked someone to make one for me.

Just want to say it looks awesome!

Help me with covers Big and small

Yay I was waiting until you became active again!


Thanks! :grin:


Title: Path to Fame
Author (Optional): JustAnotherWriter
Images of Main Characters (Optional):
Story Description: There is a girl who wants more than anything to be famous but she doesn’t understand the risks and rules there are to becoming Famous she starts going to a performing arts school but is afraid of not fitting in.
Genre:Comedy Drama
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: Large and Small
THANK YOU!!! :smile: :3


Hi, I already requested at another thread but they said no. I was wondering if I could still at this one. If so, here is the form filled out. (By the way, it’s in classic, hope that is nota problem.

Title: Secrets
Author: RecklessWrites
Image of main character(s):
Genre: Drama and Romance
Theme (I made this up): Dark but not depressing if that makes sense.
Description: Carmen was just a normal girl with a lot of secrets. What will happen when she meets a guy with secrets as well. Will he keep your secrets, Will you keep his?
Large Cover and/or Small cover:Both large and small please

Thanks so much if you’ve to accept!


And you sorry for not following the format by adding the theme. You don’t have to follow that. And I forgot to say if you can, can you make the girl doing the “shush” animation and the boy laughing but only if you can. By the way, I’m about to read your story now.


Here are your covers!


I’m accepting your request, but I can’t see the images for your main characters. I cannot complete this request until new images or added. Thanks!


@Bubbles Please let me know if you still want this cover done and read my previous reply.


Sorry I took so long, for some reason the forums were closed. Anyways, I would still like this cover done please and thank you. I’ll send you pictures instead of links, hopefully it will work better. By the way, I love Gang Affiliated and I love Jupiter’s unique hairstyle, I will definitely keep reading it.

(It says for new users that I can only put 1 photo per post) :confused:


This is the second picture.


Heyo! How’s your day/night been going? Good I hope :slight_smile: Anyways, I would like to request a book cover and/or large cover if it is possible. I have a temporary placeholder for both for the time being, but I would like them to be a bit, well, better lol, either way, it doesn’t need to be done 100% right now, it can wait if you have other requests : ).

The title of my book is called: Family of Scars (side note:sometimes the entire word ‘Scars’ is fully capitalized).

Author is: Res (or simple just R.)

The story is about a teenager (the player) ending up on the street and being picked up by a woman when she falls sick. She is then introduced to the rest of the ‘family’ and is made to live there until she is either 1. well and fully capable to make her own decisions, or 2. when she wants to leave.

^here is the picture of the woman who takes care of the player

Genre is: light Satire(we sometimes make fun of the world and things), tragicomedy, and (to some extent) metafiction.

As for a special request, I like the style you did for your example in your description, Gang Affiliated, and @PotatoWritesEpisodes 's cover that they requested from you.



@Bubbles Here are your covers!


Here are your covers! I wasn’t sure which version I liked better so you can choose between both of them. Hopefully you like at least one version!


…Well great. Now I can’t choose between them because they’re so good! I think though I might go for the more dramatic look. Since it is a more dramatic story.

Thanks so much!


Title: Too Late
Author (Optional): Mia Harris
Images of Main Characters (Optional):
Story Description: Amber is a rich girl, who is spoilt but very kind at heart, her dad is the head of a business which makes them so rich. Oscar (who works for Ambers dad) is on the go constantly with his job as a management consultant, this requires him to travel to different countries a lot for his business. Oscar often has flings with a lot of girls as he doesn’t have enough time for a relationship, till he meets Amber, who he begins to fall in love with. But time is running out as Oscar has to move again, however, he hasn’t told Amber what he works as and why he has to go yet. Will it be too late to say goodbye? Or will he risk everything for one girl?
Genre: Romance/Drama
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: Both!

I am in no rush for my cover to be done as I have just started and am nowhere near ready to publish yet!
PS. If you do need images of my characters then please tell me and I will send you pictures of them right away!
Thank you so much :hearts:


I love absolutely everything except the background, but I will still use it. Thank you so much for this cover, you have no idea how long I have been looking for a talented person to make my cover. I will thank you give you a shout out in my story. Again, thanks so much. :slight_smile: