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Hey, I love your cover art :heart:

Title: Falling for a royal
Author (Optional): Charlotte Kate
Images of Main Characters (Optional):

Story Description: Cassie and Luke have been best friends since they were five, until they start to fall in love with one another. When Cassie’s father informs her that she is the heir to the throne of a powerful country that skips a generation to the heir of the throne, she has no choice but to leave their country and attend princess school. When Luke takes a flight to see his love of his life he discovers that her grandparents (current heirs) have set up a royal engagement simply for politics. Will he get to be with the one and only for him? Or will he have to watch her marry some guy she barley knows?
Genre: Romance/Drama
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: Large cover and Small cover (I’m not in a rush for them I have only just started the story so don’t stress about it :slight_smile:)
Password: (I don’t understand the password thing sorry)

PS: You don’t have to use my characters
I really love these cover art (below) that you have already done but yet again I would be greatful if you could make me something :blush:

  • exenuciating despair
  • the gang brothers
  • from girly to manly
  • unknown past
  • undercover famous

Thanks :heart:


Hi there! Thanks a lot for what you doing it’s so nice of you!!!

Title: Eternal

Author: none

Images of Main Characters : Will add after

Story Description: Before the accident, Ever Bloom was a popular and cheerful teenager. When she loses her whole family in this tragic episode, she suddenly receives a terrible gift: be able to read people’s minds and know their lives simply by touching them. She closes herself and avoids the contact of high school students who look at her as a strange thing… Until the day she met Damen Auguste.

Damen is mysterious and disturbingly beautiful. All the girls in high school are fighting over him, but it’s Ever he’s interested in. But he’s the only one whose thoughts she can’t read. And nobody really knows who he is or where he comes from. Damen is not just a mortal, Ever is sure of it. She also knows she is deeply and irredeemably attracted to him.

Genre: Fantastic/romance

Large Cover or/and Small Cover: large and small

Special Requests/Additional Information : I trust you, so, do what you want!!

Oh and password : Midnight :wink:


Hi I really like it but I feel like the umbrella is in the way!
Is there anyway you can use a different image? If not it’s fine!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


And In the small cover no black gradient please!:blush::blush:


Sorry, I can’t remove the umbrella unless I redo the entire cover.


I don’t want too much trouble but can you? It’s ok if you can’t :grin:


Sure you’re just going to have to wait after I complete everyone else’s requests.


I cannot believe what I’m reading @bethanyk14 I am stunned that people don’t know basic etiquette for making art. On any other forum, requesting art usually costs money so obviously your rules are more than reasonable and your request to read your story is not asking much.

I looked into Cover art because I wanted to see how much I’d have to shell out to get one but it seems you are doing it out of the sheer goodness of your heart and as a hobby. I may request one in future, but my story is not quite ready yet and I for sure will use your art if I request it. People if you want something specific then tell her!! Don’t wait for her to finish the art and then say you don’t like it.

You are AWESOME @bethanyk14 thank you for being nice to us Episode writers ;). I’ll be checking out your story for fun after this <3 just because you’re doing such a great job.

xoxoxox Carmen


What’s the name of the story your working on I would love to check it out when it’s released!
As for me wanting a redo @bethanyk14 I am sorry I did not mean it like that! I try to include emojis to show how I want it to come across! :hugs::hugs:


Oh @ihicks01 I wasn’t trying to target anyone at all. All I want people to realize is outside Episode any kind of Artwork requires a commission. I know because I have friends who do them; we’re lucky to have people like @bethanyk14 who do it for free to help us out. Covers have a lot to do with whether a reader will click it and read the summary and eventually the story. So just be nice and super grateful thats all :smile: :smile: (which I think you are to bethany so it’s all good :slight_smile: also emojis for the win @ihicks01).
My story? Oh haha, thank you so much, reading is how we can support each other right? Mine hasn’t released yet but I’m calling it “Bad Luck Love”. Lemme know about your stories if you have any <3


Oh I know! No hate :wink:


OMG you are so talented! Could you please make a cover for me? <3

TITLE: Painting Passion
STORY DESCRIPTION: Astrid is forced to live a life as a businesswoman with a strict boss and terrible parents and co-workers. One day her destiny comes up to her as she finds a flyer that gives her passion for painting a chance. Having 2 identities will be a challenge but will Astrid be able to keep her passion for painting alive?
{this will be a shortened once the story is published}
GENRE: Drama
MOOD: Happy
LARGE OR SMALL COVER: Large Please! :slight_smile:
DONE BY: I would really appreciate it if it was done quickly
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: I would like a girl on the front cover doing the idle wink_forward. And also could she look like this?

Thanks. You can send it to me on my gmail. If you could do this, Thank-you sooo much! <3
[i am taking this very seriously]

Sorry I don’t have instagram but you can contact me on gmail. My email is . {Everyone please don’t use it unless you are sending me a cover/ art scene :wink: }


Here you go!


Seriously, thank you so much!!! :heart:


Title: Separated Sisters
Author (Optional): KatieBays
Images of Main Characters (Optional): Please upload the character in DIGITAL form, in HIGH quality, and in the poses you want them to be in. Use a plain white background, please.

Story Description: Marlene, a popular and Britney, a nerd find out they’re sisters? They have hated each other since preschool. But, what happens when Marlene’s boyfriend starts to fall for Britney?
Genre: Drama
Published? If not, when will it be published?:
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: Large Cover
When do you need it done by?: I don’t have an exact time, but probably before it hits 2 months.
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc): Bright
References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional, but very helpful):
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional):
Instagram Username (Optional):
Password: Midnight


Here you go!


@bethanyk14 Hey, I was wondering if I could request again? Nothing wrong with the cover art, I actually use it in my story, but I decided to use it as an end credit splash.

Can I request again? If that’s fine? I really like your art and want to use more :slightly_smiling_face: