Fast covers and splashes!

If you need cover or splash I can help you. Your covers will be delivered in an hour when I am online. You need to tell me
Story name:
Your characters pictures:
And here is my examples

1523812504087.png1080x1306 186 KB

1523809274331.png1080x1306 330 KB

1523732781060.jpg1080x1306 193 KB

1523708923098.jpg1080x1306 216 KB

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hey can i make a request? x x

Sure, how can I help you?

id like a splash made is thats okay? x


what kind of splash?

can i make a request please.

id like a cover thats promoting my instagram for the story. i’d like the girl to have feline eyes in blue, straight charcoal hair, upturned nose, full round lips and soft heart face, and seductive arch brows. and her to be in a singer skirt white and sequin top x x my intagram is: jasmin.ex
x x

of course

can you just send her pic

yes give me a minute x

cover or splash?

splash to promote the sound in my story.

Ok. Do you want your characters appear on splash? And do you have a backround preference?

the girl x

yes i would like me to be on the cover and no i don’t have a background preference.
this is me, faith.

sorry rong person

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Ok I’ll do it as soon as possible.

i meant splash

thank you so much x x