Fastalavn (danish halloween)

so today is Fastalavn. basically the Danish version of Halloween

we dress in costumes. go from door to door. sing a song at the door . and we dont get candy but coins or a Fastalavn bun ( mostly coins its rare someone actually gives a bun)
this is a Fastalavn bun

the song we sing goes like this
buns up buns down buns in my stomach if I dont get a bun I will make trouble
buns to mom buns to dad buns to everyone if I dont get a bun I will make trouble

and we hit the cat in the barrel. which basically is a pinata. in old times they put a real black cat in cause people back then was evil. now there is just candy in and when it falls it is just about grabs as much as you can.

the one who makes the candy fall out get crown cat queen(little crown) and the one who makes the last piece of the barrel fall becomes cat king(big crown) no matter the gender

kids also get a Fastalavn’s ris. or make there own

also my costume today rapunzel from tangled

i forgot to mention we celebrate fastalavn until monday.

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