If you need cover or splash I can help you. Your covers will be delivered in an hour when I am online. You need to tell me
Story name:
Character details:

And here is my examples


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Story name: Searching For You

Author: P.E.B.J.

Description: Jade falls deeply in love with a stranger she meet in the woods. Are you willing to go throughout a journey of completely losing yourself to find him? *CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION.

Character details: MC female name “Jade” Hair - Long Feather (Dirty Blonde), Face Round Soft, Eyebrows Arched Natural (Black Dark), Eyes Deepest Almond (Hazel ), Nose ( Round Button), Mouth Full Round Pouty (Fair Rose Matte), Body- Female Generic Skin (Beige Rose)

I found these pictures that i think would look great with my story description here are the links

THANK YOU VERY MUCH and i hope to hear from you soon.

Also this is my first story so i apologize for any information i might have not answer.


Sure I can make it :slight_smile: I’ll deliver it today. I have one more request but I’ll make it ASAP


Send me your characters pics while doing the animation you want


Thank you so much take the time you need.
Okay i will send you the characters pic and animations as soon as i get how because computer stuff is really confusing,



If you want I would like her to wear this outfit our your choice as long as it looks winter appropriate.
And her animation pose would be search_neutral. Thank you


She is adorable


Thank you, I made her look like my sister actually :grin:




Thank you so much.


If you need anything else just let me know. By the way I’d like to read it send me link when you publish it


@lililoly Hello there, I was wondering if you could make me a background that says, “This story uses sound” and another that says, “This story contains mature themes and strong language.” If you could make the background somebody smoking, or pills, that would be great, thank you.


Of course I will let you know thank you. I will send you the link :slightly_smiling_face: once I am done.


Story name: My Child Prodigy

Author: Edaline

Description: Being a single parent is really hard for someone who is about to start colledge. But what will you do when the father of the child returns with no memory of you.

Character details: for “YOU” Hair- Beach Wave Hair (Fawn) , Face- Soft Heart, Eyebrows- Soft Angled , Eyes- Slender Natural (Green) , Nose- Soft Natural , Mouth- Classic (Blush), Body- Ink Female (Light),

for “DAU” Hair- Beach Wave Hair (Black) , Face- Soft Heart, Eyebrows- Soft Angled , Eyes- Slender Natural (Green) , Nose- Soft Natural , Mouth- Classic (Blush), Body- Ink Female (Light)

for “LEVI” Hair- Short Cropped Hair (Black) , Face- Square Jaw, Eyebrows- Thick Arch , Eyes-Classic Round (Blue) , Nose- Button , Mouth- Classic (Blush), Body- Male (Light)

Also make the setting a children’s place or nursery

I also can’t figure out how to get the animations to appear, srry.




But I need animations to do it. You need to click the eye button whic is left of the animation


Its just black whenever I copy or upload it. Srry


Can I have a sound and discretion advised background? Pls and thx.

The story is called Apocalypse Now:

My main charchter: Girl With black messy bun, toffee skin, and toffee lips, blue Upturned turned luxe eyes, an oval face and seductive round eyebrows, and elven nose, I don’t care what she wears, but for the sound thing can she wear black headphones, and for the discretion advised thing can you make her look mad or something?


Thx, id like that if you could.