Fav opening scenes in episodes


What’s your favourite opening scene or first chapter of an episode story? I’m really curious because I wanted to write a short story cause I can write them quickly without getting bored of the story but I was thinking of how to start it. So I thought I’d do a bit o’ research! So what do you think?
Favourite first episode?
Favourite opening scene?
Favourite opening line?
Or even non-episode favourite openings from books or tv shows?
Lemme know! :joy::grin:


Opening scenes are very important in episode stories. Personally i like it when an author gets straight into the story with a flashback or a forshadowing and them skips back to present time. Do not and i repeat DO NOT start with an author message introducing the characters because it is incredibly unnecessary, characters need to be gradually introduced to the readers through their dialogue and roles within the story.


For me, it’s probably Fine Line by Evil Ebonni. I was a bit late to the party and only read it recently so it’s fresh in my mind. The opening scene has so many crazy advanced directing things that I was just sitting there with my jaw dropped.


Trust me I won’t I really hate it when they do that. The only thing I think is more of an episode sin is using the entire first episode to design every character in the story… I like the idea of a flashback and actually works with my premise. Thanks!


Oh yeah? Huh I haven’t read it. I’ll go check it out! Thanks


Believe me if someone uses their first episode for character customisation i will never read anything by that author again :joy: Glad i helped :revolving_hearts:


:joy::joy::joy: Right there with ya! Haha


WOAH! I just read the first scene!! WTH how did she even do that??? :joy: That’s actually amazing thanks for recommending it. I’ll definitely look into some special effects with my opening scene :thinking: even if it takes a little longer to put the story out :sweat::joy:


I know right! It’s definitely next level! I don’t know if all stories would suit such a big opening like that but it definitely works in Fine Line


Definitely! Fine line is very marvel comic book kinda style which suits a big opening. However mines a little more lowkey so I’ll probably just add what I need to draw in readers although it did give me some great inspiration!


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I really like the opening scenes where it goes straight into the story, intros are a bore, let me introduce the characters is a bore . . .


agreed! Straight to the action I like it. No author messages :stuck_out_tongue:


My second Limelight story uses a flashback, along with a black & white filter, and weather effects. Pretty neat, I tell you.


Cool I’ll have a think about it :thinking: a flashback may work quite well


I love The Trials opening scene, but the thing that really got me was the cliff hangers at the end. Not only is the storyline amazing and intense, but the way it’s directed leaves you dying to read the next chapter


I’ll give it a read! Sounds interesting


who’s it by?


Yeah. I didn’t even think of using that, I just coded it suddenly