Fave Episode Story Couples


Name your fave featured or user story couples :slight_smile:
I have a bunch
Mine are
Callie & Trey - Chain Reaction
Sofia & Theo - Chain Reaction King Theo
Alexandra & Luca - Chain Reaction Lost
Darryl & Mia - The Teacher
Eva & Kai - The Enchantress
MC & King Cletus - The Ruby Tiara
Zane & Chloe - Deep Attraction
Rain & Leon - The Secret Of Rain
Phoenix & Tanner - The Phoenix Prophecy
Kiara & Alec - Deep Attraction 2
Cassie & Cole - Deep Attraction 3
Morrigan & Ethan - Engaged To A Vampire
& honestly I could name so many more
What about u guys?



Okay, low key, when ever I read a story -
I make it my goal that the MC ends alone.

However,I do remember, for Legacy, the MC and the Poseidon Son - were totally shipped.

So I shipped the MC with the only other love option so hard. Like I knew (stopped reading) or predicted this love option would go evil, but GAH - I destroy ships


YES to all of those mine are also:

Blake + Liam (Blake)
Alden + Grace (Grace)
Matthew + Shelley (Dripping Mascara)
Dovena + Blaze (Touch of Betrayal)
Ember + Ash (The Ember Effect)

There are loads more and I agree with all of yours


I need to read Blake& Grace ASAP!
I can’t believe I forgot Ember & Ash and Matthew & Shelley!!!


Honestly Blake and Grace are amazing and I’ve read Joanne which is the spin off. Honestly they are the kind of stories you would be into.


That’s great!
What’s a touch of betrayal about?


It’s really good it’s set in black and white but when you find your true love you can gradually see more colours. Dovena has a hard past as does Blaze and the story is very romantic. There are sad parts though.


Oooh, that story sounds interesting!

What style is it in?


It’s in INK with customisable characters


That’s awesome!

I’ll be sure to check it out!


A Touch Of Betrayal is one of the best stories on Episode :heart:

Everything about it is so incredibly done, even Chum’s love story is amazing!


I’ll check it out!
What is everyone’s fave couple on episodes? :slight_smile:


I can’t remember their names but the story ‘Falling for us’ has one of the best couples in my opinion.


I love Jade and Landon from the new girl.


Lukas and Jamie from Deep Desire
Melanie and Jonah from the Doberman

My recent favs!



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