Fave Featured Stories


Which Featured Stories do you love the most?


Pretty Little Liars is my favorite!


I’d say Kill my love or the Royal Baby.


Omg I love the show & the story
I just finished S1 of PLL today. I’m obsessed


My fave ones would be
Pretty Little Liars
Demi Lovato
Cameron Dallas
It Starts With A Bra
Bad Boy’s Girl
Chain Reaction King Theo & Lost
Mean Girls
The Baby Project

I just love love the featured stories.


Favorites are
Cameron Dallas
Kill My Love
It Starts with A Bra


The royal baby
True love fake love
I married a prince
Pitch perfect I loved too
Chain reaction king Theo


The Baby Project
Love & War
The Royal Baby
Pretty Little Liars



True love , fake love is one of the only featured stories I have yet to read.
So it’s good?


I liked it a lot you should read it to judge for yourself going by your taste it’s very similar to stories you already like.


PLL ; but they took so long to update that I stopped reading it


You could binge read it now?
It’s really good!
I’m reading season 2!
& I loved the show.


I read season 1 and they said season 2 is on it’s way and I waited 6 months for them to post PLL . so i kinda gave up. I don’t wanna read stories where they take so long to update.


Fair enough however season 2 is really good so maybe one day you should give it a try.


ill think about it.




Tangled love :slightly_smiling_face:


Instant Princess, I love the MC


Tangled love is a classic! Love it


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: