Fave Featured Stories


Which Featured Stories do you love the most?


Pretty Little Liars is my favorite!


I’d say Kill my love or the Royal Baby.


Omg I love the show & the story
I just finished S1 of PLL today. I’m obsessed


My fave ones would be
Pretty Little Liars
Demi Lovato
Cameron Dallas
It Starts With A Bra
Bad Boy’s Girl
Chain Reaction King Theo & Lost
Mean Girls
The Baby Project

I just love love the featured stories.


Favorites are
Cameron Dallas
Kill My Love
It Starts with A Bra


The royal baby
True love fake love
I married a prince
Pitch perfect I loved too
Chain reaction king Theo


The Baby Project
Love & War
The Royal Baby
Pretty Little Liars



True love , fake love is one of the only featured stories I have yet to read.
So it’s good?


I liked it a lot you should read it to judge for yourself going by your taste it’s very similar to stories you already like.


You could binge read it now?
It’s really good!
I’m reading season 2!
& I loved the show.


Fair enough however season 2 is really good so maybe one day you should give it a try.




Tangled love :slightly_smiling_face:


Instant Princess, I love the MC


Tangled love is a classic! Love it


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: