Fave Joseph Evans Story

Joseph Evans is a fantastic writer and we are all bound to have read one or all of his fantastic stories on episodes.
Wondering which one was your personal fave?
I’d go with the Phoenix Prophecy
One of the first stories I read on Episode & Phoenix is such a badass strong women and I love the plot and the graphics.
Such a great story.

My Fave would be The Secret of Rain…
But I Also like The phoenix prophecy…

The secret of rain is very good! I just finished it recently!:slight_smile:

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I also hold the Ember Effect dear to my heart. Ember is definitely a character that I think most people can relate to feeling at some point in their life.

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I read it when I first started reading stories on episode…
And I’m a fan of Joseph Evans since then…

And that recent story of Joseph Evans…
The Last Goodbye…
I loved it I mean it did leave us on such cliffhangers you just want to keep reading…

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Yes! the last goodbye was very intriguing however I feel I connected a lot more with his other stories but it was really really good!
I hope he makes more stories. He’s fantastic.


I absolutely loved The Secret Of Rain! :heart_eyes: I thought The Last Goodbye was very good too but The Secret Of Rain was my absolute favourite! :smile: :heart:

Yes! The Secret Of Rain is one of my faves too!
How cute was Rain & Leon? I loved their romance.
So many shocking twists and turns as well.

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i hold The Ember Effect & Phoenix Prophecy in a special place in my heart.

i haven’t read his recent books. do you recommend them?

I absolutely would! Those 2 stories are my faves as well however both
Soulbound and The Secret Of Rain are fantastic & well thought out stories,
I find the Last Goodbye good as well but there was elements of that story I wasn’t a fan of however he’s a genius! I would read them!

i’d say Ember Effect & Phoenix Procephy are definelty fantasy and i think that’s why i enjoy them so much.

Secret of the Rain doesn’t strike me that way. does it have more fantastical elements later in the story?

It actually does, without giving away any of the story. The Secret Of Rain has a fantasty element early on & throughout. You will not be disappointed.

It does have a Fantasty element in the story might not be very visible in the first episode but it does have it as the story continues especially in the ending chapters of it…

An extremely good mix of fantasy, romance, drama & mystery. All things Joseph Evans excells at.

i actually think how he was so good at cliffhangers…you read it right??
The last second or third chapter was very intense (shouldn’t want to disclose the story)

Yes I finished it about two days ago. Very intense & beautiful ending!!

Exactly how it was predicted…
Wasn’t it??

Soulbound. It’s sweet and the plot is very detailed.