Favorite character trait?

What’s your favorite trait in a character, and how often do you notice this trait portrayed on Episode? Just generally curious.

I personally love when a character is strong-minded, and they won’t change for anyone else except themselves (or in the case of a loved one). I don’t see this too often on Episode, but maybe that’s just a result of the type of stories I read?

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It all depends on the story, I like stronger minds and more head headed people in story’s that contain abuse or maybe a story about bullying but in love/ drama story I like when the character is more loving and nice

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Like what @Jahstoriess has said, it depends on the story, but I’d like to see personality traits that aren’t all that commonly shown on EPISODE. I mean, hands up, who’s shown a mentally troubled individual that’s a main character or someone who’s not the villain.
…thought so. Like, villains don’t have to be crazy, they can be the most sane most loved person on the planet! Your main character can be the one that’s crazy and most hated, that’s a lot more interesting than having everyone love you for being little Mr/s perfect.



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