Favorite cover artist?

I’m in need of a good cover artist, I’m willing to pay for the quality. Anyone have a favorite cover artist? Commission or not, both works (-: This is the cover I already have set that I made, beautiful art scene of the character by @Marins, but I don’t like how bland I made the cover and was hoping for someone’s help.


Hi check my work maybe you like it)
Commission open


I just commissioned this talented beauty on Instagram. It was recent so mine isn’t ready yet but i recommend

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Thank you hun !

omg your art is so stunning

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Here you go, feel free to pm for more examples


If u r still looking!

You can check my thread for mys examples and prices.

Check. Insta. For more @/tessa_art.28

Hey beauty🥰 I do covers and art scenes and already worked with Episode writers on their artworks.
It looks good actually, but I know what you mean with bland, I think I could help you out here :innocent:

I’ll leave some examples below, just let me know if you’re interested :call_me_hand:t3:

My prices
●Portraits 15$
●Half body 20$
●Full body 25$