Favorite episode artists for cover arts? (Here are a list of mine)

I see tons of people looking for some artists for their cover art, of course art is rarely free (and you gotta understand that art is a job and it takes loads of talent and time). But here are some of my personal favorite talented episode artists that are affordable. Please comment some of your faves too! and give all these a follow as their work is underrated and phenomenal

Instagram handles:
Ck_artdesign - one of the best out there, commissions are closed for now but give her a follow anyway!

Saekilin - Probably one of the most used artists out there on episode yet still underrated with on 10K

Dana_i_nana - One of my absolute favourites, her artwork is breathtaking and I believe her commissions are open rn. Would probably get a cover from her if I ever wrote a story

Shan.artist - Give her a follow, she is the most underrated artist (500 followers) yet produces beautiful cover arts at the age of 16

Maggie.episode.stories.art - Commissions are opened for sure with her, and she makes great artwork and is also underrated (1000 followers only)

celestialmoon.art - her style is unique, commissions closed for now but her art is good so check her out!

episode_opal - commissions currently closed but she has some talent!

Give all these a follow, let’s support our episode art community! Also comment some more down below if you want