Favorite Episode Stories


Do you have any favorite Episode stories. Type top 3 if you want.My is:
1.Deep Attraction :heart_eyes:
2.Chain Reaction :heart_eyes:
3.Gangster Loving :heart_eyes:


No particular order. Just put them from what I remembered. :ok_woman:

  1. Breach of Contract by @chelsv4
  2. Secrets We Keep by @AmyJune_episode
  3. Black Betty by @jessfox13


Thank you so much!:heart:๏ธ:heart_eyes:


Thanks!!! Youโ€™re the BEST! :kissing_heart::two_hearts::heart_eyes:


@chelsv4 @jessfox13 Youโ€™re very welcome! I love both of your stories!

  1. Speak by @J.Miley
  2. The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
  3. To Love Again by @Joriemar (donโ€™t think sheโ€™s on the forum)