Favorite gem outfits

No matter how ridiculous or badly written a featured story is (I think we all know which ones I’m talking about), you can usually count on there being at least a few beautiful gem outfits. What’re your favorite gem option outfits in featured stories?

Personally, my top ones (in no actual order) are the wedding dress from “The Royal Baby”, the red dress from “The Enchantress”, the purple dress from “My Darkest Love”, and the pink Cinderella dress from “Pretty Little Liars: To Die For”. (You’ll have to click on some of them to see the full image.)

As for non-gem but featured story-exclusive outfits, I also like the simple white dress the MC wears in one chapter in “The Royal Baby”.


I like the second one

oh my gosh the first dress you see in “instant princess” is sooo beautiful

Yeah, that one’s gorgeous. I guess I’m just weak for sparkles in general. :wink:

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