Favorite LL Romance Stories

What are your favorite LL romance stories on episode right now ?


Happily Never After
Arena of Pride (action genre, but still)
Finding Sunshine
Beautiful Glory
Max and Robin
I Married a Knight
And many more hahaha

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Overdosed by Maite
Mafia In Manhattan By Samantha Louise
In Her Shoes by @dkr_episodes
Melody Within You by @Yupi
Feel My Pulse by @Yupi
Who’s She by Alyna M.
Under Your Influence by @Alphan
Chasing The Bad Girl by @MelissaLaVone
Goodbye, Mate by Nat C.
Cruel Beauty by Shannen Ricci
I love all of them they’re amazing.


Hey I am looking for Melissa who wrote the story a blessing from hell do you know her or her Instagram ID?

Um I just posted 3 episodes of my story that is like a romance/drama story if wanna check it out

Title Secrets
Author Your._.girl._kay

Thank you so much :star_struck: