Favorite Magical Tropes 🧙‍♀️

A similar concept to this thread, but in light of the upcoming Magicka contest, I thought I’d ask about fantasy stories involving magic specifically. :sparkles:

So what tropes in magical stories do you enjoy? Are there any you just can’t stand? Are there some you enjoy reading but hate writing or vice versa?

Feel free to comment below if there’s anything you’re hoping to see in Magicka contest entries. :point_down:t2:


I used to enjoy the “chosen one” trope, but a lot used that so much since the fantastical contest that I hope it isn’t too popular with this contest. I’ve also seen the four elements being personified way too much that I’ve grown tired of that trope too. Lol.

Tropes I still enjoy are MC-being-transported-to-another-dimension or the whole I’m-living-in-a-human-world-but-am-lowkey-hiding-that-I’m-actually-a-witch/vampire/psychic/etc


I love this trope also.
Another that I like is a powerful being making up for their bad deeds, I blame Malificent for that :see_no_evil:


I think it’s interesting when the less/non-magical character turns out to be the most powerful character, whose powers have been suppressed. Hopefully they don’t turn evil though :sweat:


I do like the trope where the MC is alerted that she has or has been given powers but doesn’t yet know how to use or control them. I feel it can be used well to develop characters and the plot- it’s also interesting when the MC doesn’t actually want the powers and how it changes. And she accepts her destiny, I’m leaking into the chosen one trope

Strangely I hate reading chosen one stories but love writing them? It’s a strange aversion of mine, I’ve never actually written one so I guess that’s something.


My first time writing one lol


Very true. Both tropes got popular back in the Ink days to the point where I now find them a bit dull and overdone. If someone can put a unique twist on the trope though, I wouldn’t be opposed to reading.

Definitely Chosen One trope. :joy:

But I understand why people use it. It’s helpful in establishing new information to the reader in a way that’s much more tricky if the MC is already knowledgable of various things.


I’ve been reading and writing fantasy as early as 6 years old, and have been writing it for over 10 years, so I’m pretty picky and jaded. I’ll click away from most of the cliches tbh. :joy:

I’ll be averse or at least jaded toward:

  • Anything set in the Middle Ages, I don’t even like well-researched ones tbh. :s
  • I’ve read one too many irl books about the boring and pretentious faerie court politics, thankfully I haven’t seen any of that on Episode. Fae are fine, but the last thing I want is royal drama where someone gets subtly roasted in Oberon’s grand hall because of a slight against Lord Whatshisnuts.
  • I’m going to try not to click on one with werewolves and vampires. I will inevitably fail. I will inevitably prove my cynical self right. The pack-dynamic, animal-attraction, bloodlust tropes are very tired, on this app especially I feel. :disappointed:
  • I’m not too keen on angels and demons, I feel like one would have to do something very special to stand out.
  • I’ve watched enough anime to be very wary of isekai (transported to another world), but I won’t dismiss it outright. I’d just better not see the MC transported to a high-fantasy video game where she’s overpowered and has a harem of guys in various fantasy-species, leave that :poop: to the anime studios.

I’d definitely like to see:

  • Any kind of creature/magic type that I’ve never heard of before. That could be completely unique ones, or just ones from other cultures. But if I’ve never heard of it, you’ll have to walk me through the ins and outs and the rules. I’ve read stories about myths from other cultures that just assumed that we knew the tales, and my white a*s was lost lmao.
  • I’ve actually never seen anyone but myself try to cross religious lines and do something sort of related to angels/demons/souls that isn’t entirely Christian and blends all religious traditions into one “Earth religion.” I’d kind of like to see it, but I guess people don’t want to mess around and make a bad cultural mistake, and I wouldn’t fault anyone for playing it safe.

Somebody once said to me that werewolf vs vampire stories are just mafia/gang stories: fantasy edition and I’ve never been the same since. Gang leader = pack leader. It all tracks.


That entire thing with the vampires being inherently sexual creatures and them being horny asf for (almost always) a human. Please spare me from the innuendos about sucking and how pLeAsUrAbLe getting your blood sucked is. Please. I’m begging. I can only dry heave so much.


Yes! There are so many other ways to do this, not just elements! One I was thinking of a while ago was the four symbols of the chinese constellations.


Man I feel you :sob: Vampires don’t deserve that…


They’re lowkey always the horniest stories in the fantasy section too. :sob:


I feel that the fantasy stories on the app are super basic when it comes to fantasy creatures, now I’m not saying it is their fault entirely cause Episode lacks a lot in fantasy clothing, animations etc, but is it so hard to write about things other than werewolves, zombies and vampires.


I think part of the difficulty is that any creatures too far away from human would have to be done in overlays. There isn’t a way to make them move fluidly and that alone can make readers/writers shy away from branching out into more interesting or diverse mythology.


But there are still creatures that are close looking to humans but no writers on the app want to tackle them.
For example
Banshees, incubi, succubi, Amazons, nymphs, leprechauns,


Mm, I would love to see someone write a banshee story with heavy focus on Irish mythology and folklore. That would be pretty cool.

I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen more incubi/succubi stories, given what vampire stories on the app are so often like.


A story with one of these would be lit


I think that most fantasy stories are based off the same thing. Whether it is a lost princess who finds love in the castle, to chosen one stories. The werewolf stories are all the same where they come from an abusive “pack” and their one true alpha mate finds them- there they have to face their fears. Or the classic vampire stories where the human shy girl falls in love with the bad boy vampire.

I personally love the stories where there is only 1 love interest and they are soul mates. That’s what I based my story off of (Beyond 2 Souls - little self promo but hey that’s okay) but I added a twist to it. I hate the idea of having 2 love interests cause being me- I suck at decision making. I also love the Greek/roman god stories because I have a major thing for mythology.

I’ve recently read a story where the zodiac signs were separated- and you had to only stay with your zodiac sign. The MC falls in love with a Scorpio, which was a pretty cool concept. The story is called MC: Zodiac.

I don’t think that there are a lot of stories that were based off of in ancient times. I think a story based in Egypt or Greece would be pretty cool back when it was ancient and the author adds some fantasy elements to it. It’d be pretty flipping cool.


First, thank you for this thread. My fantasy heart is full :blob_hearts:

As far as settings go, I’m a huge fan of magical forests and jungles. There’s just something so intriguing to me about mythical creatures and humans bridging that gap and co-existing in harmony.
I also love the powerful artifact trope – I feel like a lot can be done with this trope in terms of world building and structuring the stakes of your story.

I would love to see African mythology explored more in stories. There are so so so many deities to write about here, and it’s a shame there is close to nothing for it on the app.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think werewolves and vampires are both fantastic creatures to write about, and I am a huge vampires fan - so let me get that out of the way.

I don’t think neither are inherently bad in a fantasy story, but more often than not they are done shamefully. A lot of writers here tend to over-sexualize these alpha male characters (who are usually the male love interest) – violent, aggressive, dominant etc. And by correlating love and romance with these otherwise, harmful qualities, is irresponsible.

So, if you’re thinking of using either of these creatures in your Magicka entries, please keep that in mind. I’m a big fan of subverting genres and tropes, and it’s always fresh to see something different done with a trope or plot element that is so often used in the same, monotonous manner. So don’t be afraid to give us a kind, soft vampire boi @jothewriter.

I don’t mind reading chosen one tropes, because again most of the times it’s about the execution than the trope itself, but I can’t stand writing it. Perhaps I’ll regret saying this one day but, I don’t see myself writing it. It just makes me feel icky lmao.