Favorite moment from (your) story?

Who doesn’t love a story with twists or tension?

I want to see what you are proud of.
Was it the coding? Dialogue? Tension? Pacing?

Share some screenshots and the story name so we can support each other.

Let’s engage with fellow writers. Tag them/promote their ig and story link.


This screenshot is from episode 7 of my story We Belong Together.

Without giving it away, this is from (currently) my favorite scene from my story. The scene is of Leon (on the left) comforting Allison (his wife) cause she’s panicking a bit about preparing something (won’t say what it is) for her friend. And during that time, Leon tells Allison how much he loves her and how happy he is to be married to her and raising children by her side. I code the scene to be so heartfelt, and I believe I succeeded in that. Reading this scene over and over always makes me happy.:relaxed:
If this made you interested, here’s a link. Hope you get to read it and enjoy. Would love to know your thoughts.

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I don’t have a decent screenshot yet because I’ve been too lazy to code more chapters. 🥲

Edit: I have OLD screenshots.

“You can’t do this to The Wilde King!”
— Leyton Wilde King, the generic & cringe bad boy of the story to mock generic & cringe bad boys.

Super old post intro for the story:
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My favourite scene is from Episode 15 / the penultimate episode of my story (The Key Holder).

This scene is where my MC rushingly went to the LI's apartment because she has finally overcome something and ready to accept LI in her life.



My fav scene was when my MC wakes up her brother…It was hilarious…Literally…and I love the funny moments I code in my story… :joy: :joy:


My favorite moment from the story smoke then lollipops by @Callme_80 was the photoshoot between Prince and Peace. Mainly for the art and panics jealousy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


relate asf

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This scene in episode five is my favorite. It was so funny to write.


Here are a few of my favorite moments from my story, Pick Me:

And chapter 6. Everything about chapter 6, but I can’t share those screenshots yet because it isn’t out yet. :wink:




@Goji :point_right:t2: OMG I loved that scene soo much!! :heart: I loved to read your story btw. :wink:

I loved writing Episode 13 of ‘For HIS Sake’. It’s one of the episodes where awkward Julian finally admits his feelings. :blush:

My favourite scene from my story Roomdates is this scene in chapter two when Westin tries to get his girlfriend to break up with him, so that he doesn’t have to deal with the awkwardness of doing it himself.

First he pretends to be in the mafia.

When that doesn’t work, he gets his friends to fake his death, which of course doesn’t go to plan either.


:see_no_evil: I didn’t know you read it.

Thank you so much!:heart::blush:

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Your story looks hella funny! Adding it to my list.

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lol thank you! I hope you enjoy :))

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Here’s a few
I worked so hard on the spot directing and things :see_no_evil:


Love that moment. So stupid and funny at the same time.

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I can only imagine how funny that story is from looking at the screenshots. Looks so cool! :scream:

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I hope it turns out entertaining when I publish it. 😮‍💨

I did. I loved it. Especially that your story has a slow burn love relationship. :wink:

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OH GOSH! I LOVED that scene!! :purple_heart: Soo freaking hillarious…:rofl:

Westin might be my fav roomdate :new_moon_with_face: