Favorite moment from (your) story?

Mine is Teddy.


It won’t.

Lol thank you!! :rofl:


It has to be. You’re in it.

If anyone is reading this, it’s just a thing between her and I. She’s a friend, not a forum troll.

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Stop being so f*ckin romantic all the time, jeez. :roll_eyes:

My favorite moment from my story would definitely be the throne room scene from episode 2, and this scene:

It’s my first scene with Noyaan (a side character👀)

Story: Revna
Release date: 10 December 2021!

A story I really love is called Timeline! It’s very underrated and I highly recommend it!


BAHAHAHAH SAMEEEE! Coding is hard but it definitely pays off!!!

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My favorite scene from my story White Nights is from episode 7. Idk I was super inspired to write and I’m happy how the whole chapter turned out.

Stella’s fairy costume was giving me a hard time coding, because the wings kept covering everyone’s faces :grinning:

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oooh! this looks interesting!

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Thank you :blush: