Favorite movie(s) and tv show(s)?

I’m binging Star Trek atm and I unapologetically love Twilight!

Haven’t watched star trek in years but I really like it :thinking: but my favorite show has to be 6teen, used to watch it as a kid but I enjoy it much more now that I understand all the innuendoes :joy: and also 90 day fiance, the couples are a hoot!

The original Beverly Hills 90210, Baby Daddy, and Once Upon A Time. All very different shows, but I love them a lot

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just marvel. no explanation needed.

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I used to love 6teen😩…I’ve heard that 90 day fiancé show was funny but I’ve never watched it lol

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:joy::joy::joy: duly noted

I used to get super comfy to watch 90210…like let’s see what Dillon and Brenda are up to…

:joy::joy::joy: Hahah you mean DYLAN.

:joy::joy:we’ll go with that one too :weary::weary:

I HATE reality TV shows.

90-day fiancee isn’t about love, it’s to get immigrants into the states. It’s such a dumb concept. Marry for love, not citizenship.

Anyways, I don’t want to start a fight, that is my opinion.

I love “The Pacific” (TV show), and Beetlejuice, Rocketman and BoRhap.

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hmmm seems like people watch it mostly because they say it’s comical.

On another note, I love Beetlejuice…especially the ending when they play that jam!


that’s not always the case to be fair, like in 90 day fiance ‘The other way’ they go to the foriegner’s country :woman_shrugging:t4:

Yeah, good point about the comedy part. I’ve never thpught of it as “comedy” by when you think about it, it does have its moments.

I’ve never seen it so I can’t have a definitive opinion on it :slight_smile:

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I’ve read comments about that as well, and by those comments, it seems like it’s usually a problem within itself.

Idk though lol like I said I’ve never watched. But now I’m intrigued to watch at least one episode to form my own opinion

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Some of them are really hilarious

F . R . I . E . N . D . S lol

Five Feet Apart

No explanation needed


tenor22 tenor3637

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i went and saw that in the theater with my friend and I cried the whole time.

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Well I’m more of TV show type of person
Stranger Things, The Office, Parks and Recreation, andd Supernatural