Favorite Mystery/Thriller/Horror Stories And Why! Using This Information For My Upcoming Blog!

I’m making myself a blog for my Episode stories and I want to make a blog about people’s favorite mystery/horror/thriller stories. However, I don’t just want to hear the title, I would like to know why you like it so much, what you do and don’t like about it, and just your opinions on the story. I’ll write an example below

Story Name: On The Run
Author Name: Cher
Genre: Mystery
Style: Limelight

Reasons Why I Like This Story:
This story has incredible coding, an exciting and suspenseful storyline, and it focuses on the genre Mystery and doesn’t add much romance into it, which can be pleasing for some readers if they want just romance

Reasons Why I Don’t Like This Story:
The only complaint I have is that Cher takes long to upload the next episode

Overall Thoughts:
I can’t say this story is good, its a fantastic story! While I wish the author would update faster, this story shows how a good mystery story should be!

Your story review can be good, bad, or a mix of both. You can say why you like/dislike the story On The Run, but if it’s the same viewpoint as what I just mentioned, there’s no point in commenting it. I love forward to your reviews

With best wishes, Shay Coleman


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