Favorite song, artist, and/or album atm?


What is your favorite song, album, and/or artist right now? List yours below, GO!
Album: The Click by AJR
Song: Without Me by Halsey
Artist: Ariana Grande :slight_smile:
Band: LANY!


Favourite artists:

  • Halsey
  • Billie Eilish
  • Post Malone
  • Madison Beer
  • Doja Cat
  • Eminem

Favourite songs:

  • Candy by Doja Cat
  • Without Me by Halsey
  • Strange Love by Halsey
  • COPYCAT by Billie Eilish
  • Hurts Like Hell by Madison Beer


favourite artist
Alan Walker
Favourite song


Fave artists:
The Weekend
The Neighbourhood

Fave songs:
Don’t dream it’s over <33333333
No power
Light outside


Favourite artists.
Michael Jackson
One Direction

Favourite songs.
Drag me down
Remember the time
All Star
Pumped up kicks


Any Twenty One Pilots or Billie Eilish song and album


My favorite line is in my bio :joy:

Seth Ennis
Niall Horan
One direction is ma favorite band and will always be :blue_heart:
The Chainsmokers

This feeling- Chainsmokers
Wake me up - Avicii
Without me - Halsey
Drag me down - 1D
This town- Niall Horan
Woke up in Nashville/ Think and Drive- Seth Ennis




My faves atm are :grin: -

Black Flame - Bury Tomorrow
Holy Hell - Architects

Anti-Social - While She Sleeps
No Less Violant - Bury Tomorrow
Wonderful Life - Bring Me The Horizon
Hereafter - Architects
Burn It - Fever 333

Post Malone
Lil Peep

Bring Me The Horizon
While She Sleeps
Bury Tomorrow
Fever 333
Foo Fighters


Ariana Grande
Selena gomez
Hailee Steinfeld
Taylor Swift

Young blood
Good life
Might not like me

One direction
The Chainsmokers


I love happier :blue_heart:


Indie hoe here:

Jadu Heart
Tame Impala
Men I Trust
Mac DeMarco
La Femme
Or anything that David Dean Burkhart, TheLazyLazyMe, Evergreen, I’m cyborg but that’s okay uploads. :ok_woman:

Ou va le monde
When You Die
Heroin Song
Nobody knows
Face Down in The Gutter of Love
Love, tell me is it easy?
Sweet Sound of Ignorance
The less I know the better
Chamber of Reflection

I could go on for days but I don’t think there’s people who like this type of music. I never actually met someone who likes it, just inside the community.


My favorite artist is Sabrina Carpenter 100%, but she needs a better songwriter. My favorite song is Happier by marshmallow :stuck_out_tongue:


The music video made me cry though :frowning:


mac demarco and hala :heartpulse:


Hi :wink: Here is a little list of my favorite songs

The Wicker Man - Heavy Skies
Mud Flow - Sense of me
SIAMES - The Wolf
Of the wand and the moon - My Black Faith
Pretend - Some how
Mac DeMarco - My kind of woman
Syd Barrett - Octopus


Fav songs:
The Weekend - Starboy
Ella Mai - Trip
Post Malone - Psycho
Alan Walker - Darkside
Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier
Ariana Grande - Thank you, next
Halsey - Without me :heart:
Jackie Chan
Rise - Jonas Blue
Kings of Leon - Use somebody :joy:
Taki Taki !
Marshmello ft. Khalid - Silence
Zedd Grey - The middle :black_heart:
-> No Mercy
Hoodie - Hey Violet

Okey, I can’t remember the rest for now :joy:


omg. You’re my type of person! Literally the majority of those songs you listed are my absolute favorite!


Favorite artist

  • Billie Eillish
  • KLOUD Forever and always
  • Alan Walker
  • Stephen
  • Avicii R.I.P
  • Alec Benjamin

Favorite songs

  • Copycat - Billie Eillish
  • Bellyache - Billie Eillish
  • 6 feet under - Billie Eillish
  • Kryptonite - KLOUD
  • Cold Fire - KLOUD
  • Burn me - KLOUD
  • Dark down below - KLOUD
  • Darkside - Alan Walker
  • Faded - Alan Walker
  • Crossfire - Stephen
  • Waiting for love - Avicii
  • Wake me up - Avicii
  • The nights - Avicci
  • Hey brother - Avicci
  • Outrunning Karma - Alec Benjamin
  • Let me down slowly - Alec Benjamin
  • Gotta be a reason - Alec Benjamin
  • I built a friend - Alec Benjamin
  • Boy in the bubble - Alec Benjamin
  • If we have each other - Alec Benjamin

Favorite Bands

  • Panic! At the Disco
  • The Chainsmokers


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