Favorite Story Trope

Discussion time! The genre tags on episode are kind of useful when looking for stories to read, but genre speaks to you the most? What’s your favorite out of them all? And if there’s that one story that made you love that genre what is it?

My favorite genre is mystery/sci fi. I just love the detective and robotic/alien stories authors come up with.

One of my favorite stories from the sci fi genre is Lifelike by Cindy Gaultier. The intro and bg music in the intro (rip it is no longer a part of the intro🥲) had my whole heart the first time I played it and I loved the robot’s innocent character😭. I wanted to read more robot stories after that one because robot x human stories are SO GOOD (i’m also the type who would date an alien or robot irl so).

A fav from the mystery genre has to be Sweet Deception by Anyanka and Envy by Cindy Gaultier. Sweet Deception was updating last time I read a chapter before I took a break from episode, but it’s complete so I’m binging it now from the beginning. It was so nerve wracking with the point system. Same with Envy, the fact that you could actually die freaked me out (spoiler: I did die :confused: ) luckily tho Cindy allows you to play further even if you get a bad ending (happened to me in Lifelike too🥲).


My favorite genre is Mystery. I love how you get to solve your suspicions, and with your own thoughts and theories. I also love how it keeps you guessing to find the ultimate suspense. That feeling? Love it!

My favorite story that got me into the Mystery genre is ‘Mystery on hanging hill lane’ by Marshmallow O. That story’s just out of this world!

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