Favorite Story? (

What’s your favorite story/author rn and which story would you best recommend? I would like to know!


I’d recommend Shrew by Amber J.
I really love her story a lot.
Her storyline and directing has rendered me speechless :heart:


Definitely Sprint by Licorice.

When I say it’s like watching an action-packed thriller movie… it truly is! The storyline and directing is on a whole new level! I’ve honestly never seen directing quite like it.


If you don’t mind me asking, what is the story about? :smiley:

we are boundless by georgia sanders - i loved everything about it the advanced directing, the custom overlayssss and it definitley made me cry after reading it (its 4 episodes but they’re really long)! probably the most beautiful writing i’ve ever read :’) you’re gonna need tissues after reading this one!


I have like a number of best stories! But If i say my current fav which I just Played, Then its
Perfect Alliance by Noora H.

Also You should check out these author’s story, I love their stories!
Georgia sanders
Natasha hills
Hope moon
Kyla S.
Also my fav stories from them-
Georgia - Without you
Lucas- Dirty sassy teenagers, Galactic game
Natasha Hills- Legacy , Apartment 143
Ora- Amor Loco
Hope moon- Loving latino
Kyla S- Infamous, war dogs
And some stories whose authors name i don’t remember but i love these stories-
In my blood(3 parts), The shaw brothers, deep desire, im just a girl, I despise you, The trophy wife and The Bubblegum!

Do read all these! These are like awesome.
And mostly of these stories are INK as I prefer INK but some of them have LL version too.


Ikr I love Georgia! And without you is literally my fav.


Hey MeliR16,

I have a whole list:

I am totally fan of the next authors with their work:


  • The Stripper (LL and INK);
  • Reunited (LL and INK);
  • Retrospective Love: You are my home (LL and INK);
  • Retrospective Love: Love or fight (LL and INK);
  • Retrospective Love: Cross my heart (LL and INK).


  • The Pleasure Room (LL and INK):


  • The Black Dahlia (LL);
  • Poison Ivy (LL);
  • The Lost Princess (LL);
  • Beauty And Her Beast (LL).


  • My Alpha (INK and LL).


  • Queer: Misleading (LL);
  • Southbound (INK);
  • Disgrace to our kind (INK);
  • Deadly Ties (INK).


  • My Soldier Messenger (INK and LL);
  • Please Come Home (LL);
  • Forum For The Lonely Hearts (INK and LL);
  • K&T: Santa’s Secret Kiss (LL).


  • When love takes you in (LL);
  • A Beautiful Collision (LL);
  • Blindsided (LL).


  • Whiskey (INK and LL).

(My bestie) Rose:

  • Snowy Night (LL).

(My bestie) BubbleTeaStories:

  • New Kid New Life (LL).

And of course my own stories :innocent::

  • Little Star (INK and LL, because it’s one of my first stories…) INK is in revamp;
  • The door is open (INK and LL) Both in revamp;
  • The Search of Thomas f*ing White (LL) In revamp;
  • For HIS Sake (LL);
  • The Runaway Groom (INK and LL);
  • Bounded Minds (INK and LL) Both in revamp;
  • And my (new) story → ‘Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’.

Happy reading and stay safe,

Love A-W


Sprint by @Licorice is a really good story. Reminds me of action-thrillers like Marathon Man and Inside Man with all the directing and filters.


It’s amazing, isn’t it?! I honestly cannot recommend this story enough. As for the author… she’s so damn patient and talented! :ok_hand:t3:

I mean… she must have some serious patience to work with all of those overlays. Especially the ones that contribute to how the characters facial expressions constantly change.

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It’s difficult to explain it in a way which will do it justice… no matter how I try to describe it.
Seriously, give it a try… I’m probably one of the pickiest readers out there, yet I enjoyed this one so much! :blush:

And the fact that Blake and Fox are extremely loveable… is just a huge bonus!

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will do! I’m looking for stories and I have a list to read now lol :joy:

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link? i cant find it :<

Sure, the link is:

Read Sprint Here!

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  • Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee (totally recommend, chef’s kiss :chef:)
    (I’m a legit simp for comedies :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

  • Glitch Girl by Joseph Evans :purple_heart:
    (Yayyy sci-fi and superheroes ALL THE WAY!)

  • Lost by Mary D Sava :mag:

  • His Name is Rain by Mary D Sava :wolf:

  • Dark Dreams: That Shocking Night by Viola Musaraj

  • Ghost Project: Rogue -7 by my bestieeeee Nova Adams Carter :eyes::face_holding_back_tears:
    (seriously, the directing makes you feel like you’re in heaven, and the humor and everything…Let me tell you pure action isn’t my type of genre, but THIS :scream_cat: …This just made give a chance to action , like seriously. Even tho I wont go watching pure action movies, but I’ll definitely read that story over and over again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )

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Currently it’s You Know Me by fake bananas. it’s sooooo good.

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Under You by E R Gurney, the drama is sooo good.

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  • Escaping Eternal (I LOVE this story)
  • My Forced Arranged Marriage to my Gang Leader Vampire Bad Boy Boss…And I’m Pregnant!
  • The Group Project
  • I Despise You
  • The Unwanted
  • Wings of Light
  • Pregnant by my Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad (it uses all 3 styles lol)
  • Seeker
  • They Call Him Death
  • Chasing Cheetath
  • I C A R U S
  • Magicka: Dark Star
  • The Passenger
  • Deep Space
  • Divided by Night
  • The Elf King’s Quest
  • Heroic: Escape from Stetyca (self-promotion what whaaaat)

OMG I loved reading that one, too!!


• Darkest Night by: Frost King
• LIMBO by: Ali
• Arrhythmia by: Himeji
• Evident by: Piki
• Ninetail by: Day Baek
• Galileo School Of Magic [Limelight] [Male and Female MC versions] by: Lee Funk
• The Necklace by: Ambaux
• Under His Shadow by: Mina
• Black Magic by: E R Gurney
• Literally every story Mary D Sava has ever written :rofl: She’s easily my favorite author and as far as I know is the only author that lets us have vampire teeth in customization so bonus points for that :two_hearts:
• The Game Of Fear by: Lana Rose
• Ghost Of A Chance by: Rachel on Episode
• The After by: roxanne.stories
• The Muse by: Erato
• Foul Play (the alt three way version) by: Rayna
• Learning To Let Go by: Meg
• Vamps And Humans (the community written version NOT the official episode version) by: Episode Writer Jade

And many more :hugs:

As for if I recommend them? Oof that’s a hard one because while they’re all amazing stories that I really really really love i’m lowkey addicted to :sweat_smile: and that the authors clearly busted their butt on only a few of these stories have actually been completed or the author is still active whereas the rest haven’t been updated in a long time, the author went MIA, the author sold the story to Episode before it was completed and after that point abandoned the original as well as the rest of their community written stories and only writes official episode stories now or decided to revamp it when it was only a few chapters away from being completed locking it and hasn’t done anything with it since then, etc. I mean not gonna lie it sucks getting into a story and never getting closure but no hard feelings towards the authors who do any of this btw we’re all human beings and sh*t can and does happen and they have the right to do whatever they wanna do with their stories so I completely understand :woman_shrugging:t2:

I 100% recommend checking out the completed stories and the ones where the author is active but as for the rest if you’re okay with possibly not getting closure on it then go for it :slightly_smiling_face: