Favorite Story?

What’s Your Favorite Story???
My Favorite Story Is Chain Reaction Including All The Sequels💞
1~Chain Reaction
2~Chain Reaction:King Tho
3~Chain Reaction:Lost
3~It’s Just An Illusion
4~It’s Just An Illusion:Captive
5~It’s Just An Illusion:Regret
“It’s Just An Illusion” Is Just Sequels To Chain Reaction And All The Storys Are Are By {Miss Mj} Go Follow Her On Episode💞I Recommend You Read Them👌Your In For Big Surprises,Shocks,Tears And Happiness🌠


My favorites are
My Psycho
Living with the vampire brothers
Both from Bukii Di. :arrow_up:
Not interested
The girl upstairs and many more but My Psycho is the best

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