Favorite storys!

i have read so many story’s on episode so thought, why not discuss them!
So i am in love with theses story’s particularity
-My Alien Lover
-Valentine Project (MC)
-The guy next door
-Under you
-Agent Cinderella
-A new start
-Off limits
-Love is a drug
-One of the girls
-learning to fly
Lol that’s only like the surface, i counted how many storys i am reading and i have…48 :star_struck: :grin: what are your guys favorite storys?


-Empress of time by @Himeji
that story is a definite must read I love it so much!


18 seconds, the infected, war dogs, my psycho, framed, chicago bounds, without you, chain reaction, six feet under, hello?, 3 short horror stories, rich girls cry too, good cop bad delinquent, not interested, I despise you, the girl is mine, adrenaline, infamous, tied to you, faking death, stripped, my tempting mistake, if only he knew, deep attraction, venomous, bring it on, apartment 143, it’s just an illusion, chain reaction: lost and shroud (I know many :joy: there are even more #antisocial life)

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OMFG TY SO MUCH :heart_eyes:


Here I go :sunglasses: :

Infamous Topdogs by Alexandria
College Days: Psychology 101 by Annie Edison
I Will Always Find You by Maria. Story Writter
Flashback Friday by Daisy W.
Union of Times by Michelle K.
Mischief Night by KBeavs90
MC: The Bar on 23rd by Dr.Smile
One of the Girls by Amberose
L.O.A.P by Oreo Biscuit
Welcome to the Amazon Forest by xxalphabetaxx.writes
Lazy Girl Rain by episode.dazzledsnowflake
It Takes Four by NelidaU
Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three by fcukforcookies
The Three Little Wolves by MidnightMaiden

…and I have way too many fav stories, feel free to check out my recommended shelf on the app XD

Sorry if there were repeats :blue_heart: