Favorite Tropes?

People talk a lot about tropes they hate, and there are a lot of annoying ones out there. But I also wanna know - what tropes do you actually like? I think that’ll be an interesting discussion.

Personally, I’m a sucker for the bad boy trope (blame Damon Salvatore for that).

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I am VERY guilty of enjoying the bad boy trope.
I like vampire/werewolf supernatural tropes as well.
Pretty much EVERY cliche except those “switching places with your doppelganger” trope.
I LOVE fake dating tropes too.


The sweet nerd trope! I just love those nerdy guys on episode, because it just reminds me of those sweet guys I’ve met in my real life. :blush:


Shy Quiet Akaward MCs
Guy protecting girl
Brooding LIs(not a “bad boy”)


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