Favourite and least favourite things to draw

Okay so this is a question for all my artists and editors

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing to draw/edit :thinking:

Personally I love drawing hair and lighting and I don’t like drawing eyes (specifically the tear duct and waterline) and texture on clothes, it’s just weird lol


I enjoy drawing faces, bodies and armor. I hate drawing hands/ fingers, feet, hair and clothing (figuring out where the clothing folds would go is the worst).

i like drawing faces and hair, but i hate drawing hands, they r just so difficult!

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@Jae27 @Klearser fr hands are annoying. give me a reference and I’m completely fine but tell me to draw it using shapes as a base it’ll look awful


That’s me too! Give me a reference and I draw like Picasso, me drawing from scratch and I’m like a sugared upped 6 year old.


favorite: flowers and pots

least favorite: anything with a lot of different materials (clothing, yarn, etc)

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