Favourite authors

Let’s spread some love :green_heart: ! Tell me your favourite authors and why you love them and their work!

I have 2:

• Cindy Gaultier ( @cindyg ) - I have read all of her stories and I fell in love with every single one of them! The thing I like about her stories is that none of them are cliche and they are all different and unique. Oh and her directing is just amazing and every story is so fun to read since there are also many interactive scenes. My favourite story of hers is Dirty Little Secrets.

• Katya Azzopardi ( @katyazz ) - She is the author of the Swan Series aka my favourite story ever! The Swan Series plot was so different compared to everything I had read. It was also obvious that she had really worked on the plot as it was written in depth with every single detail. I can’t wait for her new stories!


Thank you so much for the awesome review!:heart::heart:

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you’re welcome hehe :orange_heart:

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I have way too many. But I’ll keep it short.

@amberose - She knows this and I’m positive the whole forums and Instagram does as well. She’s an amazing writer, author, and person. Her stories are funny, well written, and great directing. She’s a ray of sunshine and she is so damn nice no matter what. I mean seriously, have you read One of the Girls and By The Book?! (Rhetorical, but go read it if you haven’t.) She’s also my ride or die on here :smirk:
I probably shouldn’t say this… but she’s my favorite :see_no_evil:


:sneezing_face: Omg you’re wayyy too kind Aaliyah. Thank you :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

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