Favourite clothes shop


What is your favourite place to shop at? I meant like clothing line. Or do you prefer to shop online like I do? Hehe.


i just window shop #brokebitch


Window shopping is fun. Not sure if you’re also from the UK but have you heard of Camden Town? They sell lots of gothic fashion. The clothing are so pretty but expensive.


Yes I’m from the UK, sounds like a great place to window shop.


Awesome. I’m sure you know that Camden Town is in London. It’s not a shopping centre, they have lots of market stalls and street food from all over the world.



I love my band merch and nerdy gadgets :nerd_face::relieved:


Never heard of EMP


Camden Market is brilliant.


On a budget I’m a thrifter, Goodwill, local shops, Etsy can be one big bargain bin if you know what you’re looking for. When I have the coin I love Dolls Kill, Mod Cloth, Missguided, River Island, Gypsy Warrior (I know the name is a kinda stupid and possibly low-key racist but they have some quality pieces). Alien Outfitters has loads of kitschy weird shit, I love their accessories/homeware, I bought a gold rolling tray and papers that look like hundred dollar bills, it’s a fun place, I’m basically Scarface without the machine gun and only half the cocaine now.


Glad I’m not the only person who knows Camden Town very well. It’s amazing! Have you heard of a stall of Spiral Direct?


No, I havent


I just went to PINK :sweat_smile: I love that place only or Rue21


Rue 21? We don’t have it here in the UK. We definitely have PINK


That’s where I get my jeans. PINK I get a lot of hoodies and sweaters, Gearhead is where I can get some Southern Marsh and Hounds tooth Razorbacks Shirts.


Ooooh that sounds awesome


Oh right. Spiral Direct is a stall where they sell gothic clothes. So cool! You should check out the website too.


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