Favourite colour


What is everyone’s fave colour ?
Mine is Pink :slight_smile:


Camo green


Twins haha
Love anything pink :two_hearts::heartpulse::purse::cherry_blossom::revolving_hearts::heartbeat::sparkling_heart::cupid:


Pink forever


Purple! :purple_heart:


I love the color purple. It’s my favorite color… I don’t even know how it became my favorite, but I’ve always liked it the most for as long as I can remember lol.


BLUE!! :blue_heart:


I love red, any shade bright or dark I think it’s beautiful


Purple is probably my 2nd fave :purple_heart:


Ah love blue!
What type of blue is your fave?
I love sky blue


Red is really beautiful.
Especially while doing make up in stories.


I always go for the red shades for lipstick I loved ruby red when it came out


Hmm… I like Sapphire Blue and sky blue. :blush:


My prom dress is dark blue


Cool. Mine probably will be. :slight_smile:


Another colour I really love is yellow


Yeah I like yellow I don’t wear anything yellow but I thinks it’s really warm and happy


Yes. Pink, purple , blue, red & yellow are the best imo.


Im getting my bedroom purple when I move house, my duvet is pink, my shoes are red, my current bedroom ceiling is yellow, my prom dress is blue and all my clothes are black :joy::joy:


Love black & white too even tho their shades not colours haha.