Favourite Episode backgrounds!

I really don’t know if that’s the right category, so if not, I am really sorry!

Sometimes when I look through the Art Catalog of the Writer’s Portal I admire these beautiful backgrounds.
I look at the beautiful backgrounds. I imagine that I would be there. I make up stories in my head, they remind me of something. A memory?

Sometimes I wonder what others think of them and what a special meaning/effect it has on them.

And that is what this thread is for.

Please tell me what your favorite background(s) is/are.

Optional Questions:

  1. Why did you choose it?
    Why does it have such a special effect to you?

  2. Would you like to be there? If so, why and with whom?
    If not, why not? Would you like to send someone there?

  3. Does it remind you of anything? Or anybody?

  4. Does a story come to your mind ? If yes, I’d love to hear it.
    (Maybe an invented scene or short story that always comes to mind when you look at a picture.)

  5. Is there a scene in a story that you really liked and this Background was the background? If yes, what happened in the scene?

  6. would you like to see this background in episode stories more often?

Of course you can write a lot more if you want.


I love this background - EXT. FLOWER GARDEN WINTER - DAY

It’s really beautiful. I love winter and the lights. :sparkles:It’s such a magical atmosphere there. Just so beautiful. :dizzy: I wish I could go to this place sometimes. I wish this place would exist and that I could go there, when I need some time alone. :sparkling_heart: More information maybe later. :grinning:

Please visit this:
If you are interested too: @RainbowCat


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Don't start drama
Enjoy this :)




Awesome topic! Now…time to start tagging!!! Lol


Awwww thank you so so so so so so so so so much. :sparkling_heart::heartpulse::heartbeat::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart::orange_heart::gift_heart: That is so kind of you. It must have been hard work to write all this. :sweat_smile:

Yes. I get what you mean. It’s beautiful and I love the starts too. The color transition is amazing!
And of course it has a special meaning because of your story.

Wow. That’s an emotional moment.

Yes, wow. Such a calm and realxing place. You can talk there with your friends. And hide away from life for a moment.

What you are saying is really coming from the inside of you. I can feel it.


A really really Beautiful scene. No wonder that you like this background.

And it reminds you of your truly amazing story.


Thank you so much!!!


Thanks and I really loved writing about the background as it bought back special memories!


That really was one of my intentions! And I am reallly glad you enjoyed making this. And if you ever see a background with a special meaning to you, you can always come back and make a new post.


Thanks and I have another one in mind actually. I’ll share it and hehe it is to do with my story again :joy:


A thank you back to you. You really supported me tonight :slight_smile:

I hope you know, that you are always welcome here. (Okay, everyone is :joy::sweat_smile:)


You’re very welcome!


Any backgrounds? :sweat:

What do you think of this background?

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very cool, feels like home, sunset is just perfect.

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Yes, I agree.
And I’ve never seen it in a story before. Did you?

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no. hm, not really.

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That’s what made me smirk and increased my interest in the background.
Do you know a beautiful background, that hasn’t been often in stories?

hm, i think i do, not sure tho.

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Do you want to post it here? :slight_smile:
It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been used often in stories or not. Maybe you just haven’t seen it in the story you read or you don’t remember them anymore.

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ill send it when i get the chance to.

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I’ll wait :slight_smile:

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