Favourite episode stories


Hallo everyone
I would like to share my list of favourite stories
Note: stories are not aligned in a ranking order they are all my favourite.

First category: completed stories

  1. Dirty sexy teenager
  2. The runaway
  3. Adrenaline
    4.back and forth
    5.becoming his pet
  4. Assassin heart
  5. Debby gold
  6. Dripping mascara
  7. The curse of charlies
  8. The assassin: femme fatale
  9. Catrinda
  10. The blinded war
  11. Venomous
  12. The purple envelope
  13. Haute as Hell
  14. Cinderella
  15. Black
  16. Grace
  17. Queen
  18. maid for you
  19. Love diagnosis
  20. Legacy
    23.silver lining
  21. Revange daddy
  22. Wild fire
  23. Strangers & strangers losr child

Category two: uncompleted stories

  1. Welcome to wonderful winsston
  2. Zezzy monterro takes on the world
  3. Nanny for a year
  4. Slasher
  5. They vanish in three
  6. Faking death
  7. From 1958
  8. Heartstring
  9. Killer instinct
  10. Top secret
  11. Good cop bad delinquent
  12. Annabella

Category three : on hold stories

  1. Natural selection
  2. Death’s game

Hope you share your favourite stories as well.

My Favorite episode stories

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Hi Sydney,
Am kinda need to the form, thank you for helping me, but i don’t understand what happened. Is my post deleted?


It was in the wrong category when you created ur topic/post. When you had to add a category you must’ve chose the wrong one. Don’t worry it happens all the times <3


Wow, what a list!

Here are some I enjoy:

  • Read My Lips
  • Feening
  • Unconventional
  • The Thrill of the Hunt
  • The Blank Page
  • Faking Death
  • Blake
  • Hello, Stranger
  • Kotton Kandie
  • My Sugar Daddy Affair
  • Chase of Perfection
  • The Pact
  • Revenge Daddy
  • Unexpectedly Yours
  • Three’s A Crowd
  • A Dangerous Obsessiom
  • Swap
  • Arabic Love
  • Ephemera


Yeah, so your post is not deleted. You are being notified it was put in the incorrect category and it was put in the proper one for you :heart:


Here are just a few of the millions of stories I read

  • The Enchantress
  • The Last Goodbye
  • The Secret of rain
  • Pregnant by my student
  • Pregnant by my student: Monster
  • The Teacher (Limelight)
  • Meet you at home
  • Wasted Roses
  • Glitch Girl
  • Silver Lining
  • My story soon coming out The She Player




Omg can’t wait to check your story out! And am soo going to check out your favourite stories.


Ohh sound interesting :heart_eyes:can’t wait to check them out.


I was wondering if I could recommend my story to you too? I hope you would like it :slight_smile:


Depends if you like romance with quite a bit of comedy haha




tysm it should be coming out in 1-3 weeks!


Hehe I will give you some info anyway :wink:

Hope you enjoy it, I am writing episode 7 but it is taking time as backgrounds and overlay needs to be approved.

The story name is Crossed Paths and the author name is Dreamer.

This story is about Mindy who has gone through serious heartbreak and pain which has caused her to develop a harsh exterior towards men. However, Derek tries to break down the walls Mindy has built and you get to witness the blooming of the relationship. Also, you get to see the lives of all the people around Mindy too. It’s not only about Mindy but it looks at Derek’s life and their family & friends :heart:


Yaah I know writing a story is hard, your story sounds good, am going to check it out and let you know my feedback in the mail box. :wink:


Can’t wait :heart_eyes:


Aw thanks :heart::heart:


My faves are:

  • The Ruby Tiara
  • Moonlit Feathers
  • Adrenaline
  • Iridescent
  • Invariably
  • Envy
  • Autumn: Utopia
  • Wentworth
    All of these are 10/10 honestly.

Since the others promo’d themselves I have a story too called Two’s a Charm :smile: I’m about to publish my 10th episode that has a new intro I worked on, but I gotta wait for overlays to be approved :roll_eyes:


Cool name :wink: I will check it out